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Corner desk 160×70 right with functional bookcase and shelves

corner desk large with white covers under the top
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white corner desk with wooden top
white corner desk

Corner desk and office space efficiency – optimizing the layout and organization of furniture in the office

The efficiency of an office space is very important in terms of performing one’s tasks and duties at a high level. In order to fully utilize the potential of the available office space, it is important to arrange the interior accordingly. With Deerhorn brand furniture you will be able to do just that, as we have a number of innovative solutions that we have combined with the great look of each collection and its functionality.

Good organization of furniture in the office helps to create a place where work is carried out with lightness and pleasure, and effectively matched elements perfectly harmonize with each other and create an ergonomic and comfortable interior for work. Among the available furniture that significantly affects efficiency in the office, we can note a modern corner desk in wood and metal from the Polish manufacturer Deerhorn.

Corner desk with bookcase is the top product from our collection, which is distinguished by many advantages. The large, solid top provides the ideal space to place a laptop, an additional monitor, materials necessary for work and other equipment, such as a printer or scanner. Our corner desk has a bookcase, where each user of the furniture can place many necessary items, folders, binders or interior decorations. A great many of our customers use the open shelves of the bookcase to arrange identical locking boxes that will serve two functions. First of all, the boxes can be used to store various documents or things, and they will also look perfect as an interior decoration.

Corner desk white in industrial, loft style looks great surrounded by elegant and thoughtful accessories, so this form of filling free spaces will be an excellent solution. Keeping in mind the ergonomic organization of the office interior, you can place our corner desk both in the corner of the room to maximize the available space, and under the window. Attention to detail during the manufacturing process makes our corner desk is a perfectly refined product in which we took care of the smallest element, so it can also be placed in the middle of the office.

white corner desk with shelves

It is worth considering that the desk should be located in a well-sunny place, and the face of the users of the furniture should face the light source. To further enhance the comfort of your work, it’s a good idea to position your desk according to which hand you write with and which hand you use most often.

That is, if the employee is right-handed, it is a good idea to place the desk on the left side of the window, and if left-handed, place the desk on the right side of the window.

With this tip, the desk user, while writing or performing other duties, will not cast shadows and obstruct the light necessary for effective work.

Corner desk integrated with technology – modern solutions for remote work and online meetings

Our corner desk has been integrated with modern technology, which is great not only for desktop work, but also for remote work and online meetings of various nature. The white corner desk and monitor stand is one option that is particularly appealing to all those who value greater comfort, convenience and concern for the health of their backs and eyes.

The monitor stand allows you to set the monitor at the right height for your eyesight, and additional space also appears under the stand, which can be set aside for small items or gadgets. In addition to the desk extension, you will also find many other add-ons in our offer equipped with features that integrate with technology, among them: desk height control panels or USB sockets.

Each of these options makes it much easier to work remotely and can help you organize meetings online. With the right desk accessories to suit individual needs, users of our corner desk can create their dream base for working, studying or developing passions and interests. We offer a range of innovative solutions, while maintaining excellent aesthetics, minimalism and elegance.

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monitor and laptop desk stand
monitor stand

Is a corner desk suitable for a small apartment?

The corner desk is ideal as a desk for a small apartment, because thanks to its design it can be placed in the corner of the room and thus make maximum use of the available space. Very many people deliberately search for a corner desk for their small apartment in order to arrange the space in the best possible way.

We make the corner desk to size, so our 160×70 white corner desk can be modified according to your needs. The large 160×70 corner desk can also be made in a larger version, as we carry out custom orders, taking into account the space we will arrange. We will adjust the size of the furniture to your needs and interior capabilities, so you can fully enjoy your functional space.

In our offer you will find not only a white corner desk, but also a black corner desk in many models and configurations. If you need help in arranging your office or study, our specialists will be happy to give you valuable advice and guidance and comprehensively present the best solutions for you.

white corner desk – gallery 09.03.2024

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  • oak wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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