1. Rafał Pikul conducting business activity under the firm of PINUM Rafał Pikul (hereinafter referred to as Producer or Guarantor) grants
    7-year warranty
    on its furniture products (hereinafter referred to as: Product), under the terms and conditions stated herein.

  2. As a condition of the warranty, the Buyer must have the Product serviced by an authorized, qualified maintenance team of the Manufacturer on an annual basis for a fee. Maintenance includes the care of the surface of the furniture and the adjustment of fronts, drawers and doors, as well as other necessary activities required to maintain the good condition of the Product.

  3. The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the Product.

  4. The warranty is provided only for Products purchased from the Manufacturer by consumers within the meaning of Art. 22
    Civil Code.

  5. The services under the guarantee will be performed exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

  6. Before the expiration of the period for which it was granted, the warranty shall expire on December 31 of the calendar year in which the consumer did not have the Manufacturer perform the maintenance referred to in paragraph 2, as well as in the event of further disposal of the Product by the consumer.

  7. The Guarantor shall be liable for defects arising from causes inherent in the Product at the time of sale.

  8. As a condition for the processing of claims under the warranty, the defect or defect must be reported in writing within 7 days of its discovery.

  9. A warranty claim covers only documented or acknowledged defects in the specified Product by the guarantor.

  10. Consideration of the complaint application is carried out within 14 working days, unless the Manufacturer informs about its extension before the expiry of this period. Extension of the processing of a claim may be granted once for a further 21 working days.

  11. If a complaint is accepted, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair the identified defect or, if this is not possible or economically feasible, to replace the Product with a new one. In any case, the final decision on the form of performance rests with the Manufacturer, in particular, the replacement of the Product with a new one is not subject to its examination or attempted repair.

  12. In the case of each replacement of the Product with a new one in the framework of complaint handling, the Manufacturer shall provide a new warranty for the replaced Product under the terms and conditions applicable herein. The term of the warranty so provided shall begin to run from the date of replacement of the Product with a new one.

  13. In the event of an unjustified complaint, the Manufacturer reserves the right to charge the Buyer with the costs associated with the implemented complaint procedure, including the costs of transportation and testing of the Product.

  14. The guarantor’s liability for a defect shall not exceed the value of the Product itself in a defect-free condition.


  1. The warranty does not cover non-substantial defects in the Product that do not affect the value or functionality of the Product, especially when they are invisible after installation.

  2. Self-replacement of the appearance of the furniture and any other independent interference of the Buyer with the product releases the Manufacturer from liability under the warranty.

  3. The seller is also relieved of warranty liability in the following cases:

  1. if the advertised products have been processed, altered, stored or used in a manner inconsistent with their intended use,

  2. if the Buyer has not inspected the quality of the products before using them,

  3. if the complaint is about products sold on sale,

  4. When a price has been reduced on a product due to damage or defects,

  1. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover product defects:

      1. caused by careless transportation, relocation or improper installation of the Product, if these actions were performed by the Consumer or are the result of fortuitous events or other circumstances not attributable to the Guarantor,

      2. arising as a result of improper or non-compliant
        and intended use, storage of the Product, in particular: mechanical damage (impacts, abrasions, excessive overloading of furniture, etc.), damage caused by prolonged contact with water, flooding; subjecting the furniture to inappropriate temperatures
        in the room (below +15˚C, above +30˚C), or inadequate humidity of rooms where products are stored and used, i.e. Below 40 and above 70% humidity,

      3. resulting from the repair or attempted repair of the Product on its own by the Consumer or third parties not authorized by the Manufacturer,

      4. arising as a result of self-maintenance and care of furniture surfaces, especially with means not intended for this purpose (e.g., use of strong chemicals or cleaning preparations not in accordance with their intended use),

      5. arising from failure to maintain or clean (permanent dirt),

      6. caused by direct contact of the Product with fire or contact with a strongly heated object,

      7. caused by animals,

      8. caused by failure to comply with the recommendations contained in the “Instructions for use and care conditions for wooden furniture” provided by the Manufacturer.

  1. The warranty does not cover changes in the Products which are the result of natural aging processes (in accordance with the wear cycle of the product), including as a result of its normal, consistent with its intended use by the Buyer, such as a change in the coloration of wood or gloss of varnish, differences in shade of wooden elements of the furniture, especially when this variation is a result of natural habitat conditions of trees used for production.

  2. The warranty does not cover minor variations in the width of the lamellae and other elements such as grain, core rays, color ( including color discrepancies in relation to the presented prototypes), gloss and other macroscopic features of the wood structure, as well as other variation in the surface of the furniture resulting from the following
    From the natural conditions of wood construction.

  3. Also, changes in the structure resulting from the natural work of the wood, which shrinks and expands as a result of changes in the humidity of the air, as a result of which small irregularities may form on the surface of the furniture, will not be considered a defect in the product.

  4. Claims are also not subject to simple actions that the buyer can perform on his own, such as adjusting hinges, tightening a loose screw, removing dirt, etc.


  1. Furniture should be used indoors, dry and protected from the harmful effects of atmospheric conditions, with a relative humidity of 40-70%, at a temperature of 10-30

  2. Do not expose the furniture to prolonged sunlight as this can cause fading of the furniture surface.

  3. W As a result of light and UV rays, wood changes its color, so it is recommended not to cover parts of furniture tops for long periods. Decorative objects, or drapes, should be rearranged to allow equal light effects on the entire furniture.

  4. Furniture should be placed more than 1 m away from active heat sources (radiators, stoves).

  5. Protect the surfaces of sideboards, dressers and cabinets from scratches and bruises.

  6. Prolonged exposure of furniture surfaces to liquids (e.g., water, tea, alcohol) can damage the surface, as can placing hot dishes on the surface of the furniture.

  7. The furniture should be leveled, including, if necessary, adjusting the doors by screwing or unscrewing the hinges. Hanging and standing furniture should be fixed to the wall according to the installation instructions.

  8. It is forbidden to sit or stand on furniture or use it as platforms or steps. Furniture is not designed to handle high loads – this can cause serious damage to the furniture or an accident.

  9. It is forbidden to arrange furniture contrary to its intended use (for example, stacking furniture on top of each other).

  10. Furniture care should be carried out carefully. If you spill liquid on the surface of the furniture, remove it immediately from the surface of the furniture (before it has time to soak into the wood ). Any residual moisture should be removed each time, immediately with a dry cloth.

  11. Clean the surfaces of solid wood furniture with a dry or slightly dampened ( NOT WET!), soft cloth.

  12. For the care of furniture, do not use any cleaning agents, chemical solvents, pastes containing abrasives and agents containing silicone and waxes.

  13. Cleaning must not be limited to one place – a larger area should be wiped, without pressing the surface, thus maintaining a uniform surface of the furniture.

  14. Larger dirt such as: handprints on chair backs, dirt from shoes on table legs, etc. can be removed with a special abrasive mat, which is included in the care kit.