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Student desks

Children's desks - why wood furniture is the best choice?

Children's desks made of wood and metal are durable, solid and durable, so they are a great choice for those looking for timeless solutions.Every parent, when furnishing a child's room, wants it to be cozy, aesthetic and practical. Natural elements in the interior will work perfectly in this situation. Timber is a noble material, bringing a lot of warmth, as well as connectivity and harmony with nature.Desk for children affect the concentration and tranquility of the users, as well as being a safe choice that will serve them for a long time.Our company for the production of wood furniture uses the highest quality solid oak wood, so when arranging a child's room or a teenager's room, you can be sure that you have invested in the most beneficial solution for years.

Children's desk with wooden top - what are the wooden elements protected with?

In the production process we protect our oak wood with the appropriate natural oil, which is an effective barrier against numerous stains from coffee, tea or other drinks.Our bchildren's desk<//b> are products that are one of the basic elements that equip children's and teenagers' rooms. Modern biurk for a child from a Polish manufacturer are furniture that also perfectly match other furniture from our company.

Desk for children - which to choose and how to furnish a child's room?

Are you thinking about how to beautifully, stylishly and functionally furnish a room for your child? You need to think about several aspects and take into account the different zones in your child's room, which will be responsible for his learning area, as well as play and rest.

What should you pay attention to when decorating a room for a child, teenager?

First of all, take care of comfort and ergonomics for your kid. In Deerhorn's offer you will find high-quality wood products, which we have created with comfort in mind.When decorating a child's room it is also worth focusing on matching furniture to the age of the child. With us you will find both bstudent desks for smaller children, as well as a number of models of large corner desks with pedestals for larger children and teenagers.

Biurks for children - we will make for you in any size

As a furniture manufacturer we will make for you both modern baby desks, computer desks, as well as all other custom wood furniture. Depending on the size of the furniture, you should also adjust children's desk chairs accordingly.

wood and metal loft desk

desk for computer gamer

What other furniture can you get from us besides desks for kids?

The basic equipment is certainly worth including large and capacious closet, chest of drawers, computer desk, bclassic desk, desk chairs, desk organizer, trashcan, lamp and other accessories for the room.All of these products you will find in our offer in many interesting and diverse versions. The choice will certainly not be obvious, because each piece of furniture was created out of passion for beauty and attention to detail.

Modern child's desk as an ecological wooden desk for any room

Our modern child's desk in industrial style we create in harmony with nature and ergonomics, so decorating modern loft spaces is now very easy. You can get an idea for a room for teenagers or children at a younger age from our offer, which includes stylish and functional furniture with a great design.Teen's rooms in the loft is a very popular solution, which brings a lot of interesting solutions. Depending on how much space you have to arrange a modern space in your child's room, you can adjust the size of the furniture to your individual needs.

How to choose a practical desk for a child and a student?

Choosing a practical desk for a child as well as investing in a desk for a girl are not so obvious and simple. Nowadays on the furniture market there is a wide selection of desks for children or teenagers or students. In our offer you can find black desk or white desk, which perfectly fit into any stylish and modern arranged space.

What to consider when choosing a practical desk for a child?

Before shopping, it is also worth considering several aspects that significantly affect the quality of the furniture and daily functioning.Practical desk for a child in the right size will provide comfort and the necessary surface for learning and expanding their horizons. Black or white desk with wooden top should be adjusted to the user's figure. The height of the desk to fit the height of the pupil or student is also a key element that will affect the creation of his comfortable and dream place. Among the available models in the range, one of our bestsellers is also customizable height adjustable desk.

Children's height adjustable wooden loft desks with quick height change

Children's height adjustable desks, corner desks, student's height adjustable desks give the ability to quickly change the height of the top and adjust it to the user, which benefits ergonomics. With the help of the control panel, you can raise your desk or lower it in no time. The intuitive operation makes it easy for any child, teenager or adult to manage. Desk height shown on the display is an innovative solution that makes it easy to remember the position that is best for you.

Children's adjustable desk with panel that remembers four heights

Memory of four heights is a great solution especially when the desk is used by more than one person, as well as when when a pupil or student wants to change from sitting to standing while studying.

What to look for when choosing a practical desk for a child?

When choosing apractical desk for a child, you should also be guided by functionality, as well as modern design and aesthetics of workmanship. The setting of the room and the available space are also very important, because with this information you will be able to determine whether you are interested in a gaming desk 140, or a large white desk with drawers. Size and space are of great importance, and a fitted desk will benefit effective learning. Proper use of space will allow you to create a fully comfortable and practical room. Desks with pedestals are also a favorable option for anyone who values storage space for books, notebooks, office accessories or other essential items. Furniture especially for children and teenagers should be durable and resistant to various scratches or stains. Products by Deerhorn are just such, and the ease of maintenance makes it possible for even the youngest to effectively take care of their furniture, and thanks to this they will look sensational for many years.

Desks for children - 5 recommended models

Our offer is rich in many functional and aesthetic models of desks for students. This time we will focus on a few of them and introduce them to you a little closer.Each of the products we have selected was, of course, created from the highest quality natural oak wood and durable and solid metal components.

  • The simple, classic and full of elegance desk for a student 120x70 cm is a model that will be perfect for any small room for a child.

The solid desk for computer is a piece of furniture with a universal height of 75 cm, which has a solid wooden top and a simple metal structure. The width of the desk is 120 cm, and the depth is 70 cm, and these are comfortable dimensions for any student.The surface of the tabletop is large enough, and any child will fit books and notebooks on it. Also do not forget to place basic accessories in the form oflamp or mouse pad.Our desk for student is distinguished by its timeless design and solid construction, and this combination will be ideal as desk for learning and desk for entertainment and play. Bi desk for children with white metal elements and wooden top protected by oiling process will perfectly fit into a small space in a house or apartment.Minimalism and classic solutions certainly work in many situations. Elegant natural wood desk is an ideal choice for a child of school age.

first desk for a student

first desk for a student


  • Small straight computer desk has a solidly crafted 1.8 cm thick oak top and a powder-coated metal frame with factory quality.

The height of the desk is 73 cm, so it is perfect for school-aged children and teenagers.The 120x70 desk top is a versatile size that is neither too big nor too small for full use. Our black frame teenager desk like the rest of Deerhorn furniture is properly protected and shipped whole, so that each of our customers upon receiving the package can use the desk immediately after unpacking.Our classic student desk can be combined with other furniture in black with natural wood elements. If your dream or your child's dream is to have a practical small white desk, then another of our proposals will be a perfect solution, so:

desks for kids black

desks for kids black

  • small solid wood desk with white cabinet for students and adults.

This furniture is designed for better, more efficient organization during daily use. The 120x70 cm desk made of natural solid oak wood and properly protected in the process of oiling against stains and damage has health-promoting properties, and thus has a beneficial effect on concentration and focus.The 3.8 cm thick oak desk top performs well for many years, plus it looks aesthetically pleasing and very stylish. The total height of the desk is 75 cm and it is an optimal solution for children and teenagers of all ages.What distinguishes this desk is certainly the solid, capacious lockable shelf located under the desk. It's a multifunctional solution that makes the child's task of keeping things in order easier.The lockable shelf will be a great place to store books, notebooks and art or office accessories. The universal design of the furniture means that the desk 120x70 can also be used as a wooden dressing table for the bedroom. There are many solutions and possibilities when buying one premium furniture from Deerhorn.Fans of beautiful and functional furniture in our range will find just what they are looking for. Among the following bestsellers we couldn't miss:

practical kid's desk with cabinet

practical kid's desk

  • modern teenager desk 120x70 cm in black.

This model is distinguished by the use of classic desk form, that is, a combination of natural oak wood and durable metal construction, as well as a capacious shelf located under the desk top.The height of this model is 73 cm and is recommended for children and teenagers. Black desk with lockable shelf will be a great option for students who use a lot of books, notebooks and school supplies on a daily basis.Shelf will prove useful as storage for such items and will allow children to take care of the space and order on the desk. Desk placed under the desk top is 44 cm wide, 70 cm deep and 71 cm high.It is worth noting that our desk for children, desk for teenagers, desk modern will be an excellent solution as a practical and ergonomic piece of furniture for the computer. The tabletop will also accommodate a lamp and a modern mouse mat, and the user will also benefit from the health-promoting aspects of the desk. Wood elements create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the interiors, and also give a sense of connection and harmony with nature.A perfect choice of desk for a student's room will also be our:

child's desk with book and notebook container

child's desk

  • Black youth desk with wooden top 120x70.

This timeless product is made of natural wood and metal - the top was created from solid oak wood, and for the legs we used metal frame.The youth desk with drawers creates an amazing atmosphere in the interiors, and gives a sense of connection and harmony with nature. Timber is an extremely noble and durable material, which will perfectly furnish the interior of a room for a child or teenager.The desk with dimensions of 120x70 cm is 75 cm high and will perfectly fit into any modern and stylish space. Aesthetic and practical wooden desk is a multifunctional piece of furniture with drawers, where you can store basic and necessary items for everyday use.

desk with pedestal and wastebasket

modern youth desk

5 best desks for students

Now we present more products from our offer, which will be perfect as desks for students. For sure, one of our top of the top is black height-adjustable desk for student, student. Desk with dimensions of 120x70 cm was created from a combination of natural oak wood and durable and solid metal structure powder-coated in matte black.Adjustable desk is a brilliant choice for any student, let alone a student who loves practical solutions with a touch of modernity and aesthetics. Our adjustable desk is distinguished, first of all, by the possibility of adjusting the height of the desk to individual needs.Every student in a very short time with the touch of a button can modify the settings and the moment he wants to change the position from sitting to standing or vice versa, he can do it himself. Adjustable desk is also an excellent choice when more than one person uses the desk, because adjusting the height of the desk top to the person is extremely fast, easy and very intuitive to use. The desk created using the frame of the Danish brand LINAK has an adjustment range of 60-124 cm with a maximum uniform load of 120 kg.Our controller has the ability to store as many as four different heights, so you can change the height of the desk top with a single click. Controlling the height of the desk is also possible via mobile phone, which shows that our products are fully modern and innovative.The wood and metal electrically adjustable desk also has an installed anti-collision system, which ensures that when the desk rises and encounters an obstacle, the desk will automatically stop moving. We are extremely proud that as a Deerhorn company we have created such a functional product, while focusing on ergonomics and ecology. Our next proposal is:

  • modern ergonomic desk with cabinet size 120x70 in black

This furniture features a durable, stable 3.8 cm thick top, which has been treated with natural oils in the oiling process. This multifunctional desk with a capacious cabinet will be perfect as a desk for a student, who, while studying and working, can perform their duties in a comfortable and ergonomic environment.Desk for a student with a cabinet will perfectly compose with other furniture from our collection and together they will serve their owners for many years. The total height of the desk is 75 cm, and thanks to its universal and classic appearance, any student or student can use it in any way for him or herself.Many people choose this model for their passions, study, and can even serve as a wooden dressing table for the bedroom. Such a refined product is sure to serve its owners for many years.

youth furniture black with wood

cool desks for kids

This time it's time to introduce another one of our favorites:

  • classic, elegant and graceful minimalist desk from Loft Office collection looks great. This model is a durable, solid and at the same time structurally very simple combination of oak wood and metal construction.

Desk with dimensions of 160x70 cm can also be produced by us in 180x70 cm and 200x70 cm versions. Many desks are also made to order, so you can be sure that with us you will findthe perfect desk models for your stylish and modern spaces.The heavy and solid 3.8 cm thick top looks phenomenal, and also works well. The wooden element in the interior is beneficial for concentration and relaxation, and also gives you a sense of connection with nature, which is very soothing.On our countertop you can place many accessories and gadgets that will facilitate your daily functioning. You can place this furniture either under the window, close to the wall, or in the middle of the room, as our company has made sure that every last detail is refined and looks perfect.

desk with oak top

desktop computer desk

Now it's time for another model of a minimalist, classic desk, but with a touch of modernity.

  • wood-metal Modern Office computer desk 160x70 will perfectly suit as a desk for a student or a desk for work. This model is a combination of natural oak wood, metal construction and matte black board.

Such a combination allowed us to create a timeless product that delights with its simplicity and elegance. Massive desk top with a thickness of 3.8 cm is supported by a metal structure and a practical extension.The extension this in the form of open shelves not only looks modern and designer, but at the same time is very functional. On the individual shelves you can place any items and have them at your fingertips.This is the perfect place for binders, folders, documents, as well as office accessories or interior decorations.We provide you with a professional piece of furniture, and you arrange your space in your dream way. We deliver the desk to you in its entirety, so that you do not have to waste time assembling it yourself. Optional is the possibility to order the service of bringing the product to the indicated place.

computer desk black

computer desk black

A corner desk with a flat top slim could not be missing among the favorites.

  • slim corner desk 160x70 cm + extension 90x70 cm is a timeless product that will perfectly fill an empty corner in the interior or take up space in the middle of the room.

The height of this model is 73 cm. When producing a minimalist corner desk with a thin top, we were guided by the latest trends and functionality.The visible part of the wood top is less than 2 cm high, making the product appear light and dynamic. Such a light in form desk required us to add additional elements in the form of special cutters, which give the top the right shape.The combination of oak wood and powder-coated metal construction made the highest quality desks for students in our offer. Our loft industrial desk is particularly distinguished by its large, solid top with a thickness of 1.8 cm, stable metal construction and modern design.In our offer you will find many other models of desks for students or desks for students, as well as other industrial furniture made of wood and metal.

wood desk with metal

wood desk with metal


desk with a wooden top and a cabinet on one side