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Wooden office desks for security agencies Deltaprime – solid construction for safety

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exclusive office desks
exclusive office desks

Wooden office desks for security agencies DELTAPRIME – design a unique workspace with our innovative desk models

As a Polish manufacturer of wood and metal office furniture, we had the pleasure of furnishing the modern interiors of the offices and offices of the DELTAPRIME company, whose headquarters are located in a building leased from DL Inwest Group.

Deltaprime nowoczesna agencja ochroniarska

DELTAPRIME deals with technology-based corporate security, where physical protection is converted into electronic protection. Deltaprime are experts in the design and implementation of intelligent video surveillance systems, as well as modern security systems.

The company is focused on lowering the cost of facility security, thereby increasing the security of its clients. Numerous observations and analyses by Deltaprime have shown that in the market today, many companies organize the protection of their facilities in an inefficient way, as they follow a system that uses physical protection instead of using proven technologies.

If you are interested in modern company protection then use the services of DELTAPRIME! We recommend this company 👌

Contact +48 32 793 70 06

The registered office of the company DELTAPRIME: Piwna 10, 44-100 Gliwice

Such modern services require designer interiors with character, which as Deerhorn we are able to create with our unique products.

During this project, we focused on comprehensive interior design in an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing way. We offer a wide range of elegant, minimalist and functional furniture. Exclusive office desks, office furniture by Deerhorn are the top products on the furniture market, which were created from natural oak wood and durable and solid metal construction.

Wooden desks to suit your needs and preferences of the business owner and employees significantly affects the comfort of users. Our oak desks for Deltaprime We prepared to size, so each interior could be equipped with a furniture of matching size. Desk with wooden top and metal desk frame create the perfect aura for Deltaprime employees, and because of the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, they will serve their owners for many years.

Wooden modern desk is a deep desk that is ideal for daily work, conversations with colleagues and potential business partners. Wooden desks for work from Deerhorn provide comfortable conditions for carrying out their daily duties due to properly shaped elements, natural raw materials, as well as minimalism and protection of usable surfaces from dirt, stains and abrasion.

Elegant office furniture from a Polish manufacturer significantly affects the reputation and prestige of the company, which is extremely important these days. Beautiful interiors arranged in a modern design show that any company using premium furniture is guided only by above-average standards and offers such to its customers.

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corner desk for office
corner desk for office

Environmentally friendly loft corner desks for open space

The modern desk with wooden top by Deerhorn is an environmentally friendly product that was created with zero waste in mind. Eco-friendly wood with metal desks are an ideal choice as an open space desk, which will be both functional and add a great atmosphere and friendly atmosphere to the interior. Corner desk with wooden top is an ergonomic computer desk that will provide enough space to work and place documents or items necessary for operation on the wooden top.

Wooden corner desk is the perfect way to place a laptop, an additional monitor, necessary documents and even a printer on the surface of the tabletop. The black corner desk is a loft desk that will prove itself in terms of both excellent functionality and amazing aesthetics and attention to detail.

Environmentally friendly desks for businesses are also friendly to the users of the furniture themselves, as natural oak wood brings a unique aura to the interiors, as well as a connection and harmony with nature, which has a positive effect on concentration and efficiency while working. The Deerhorn eco-friendly wooden desk will not only work well as a desk for a security agency in an open space, but will also serve as a desk for an office in a home or apartment, that is, as a desk for remote work.

Our functional desk with metal legscan also serve as a single desk for the office or as a double desk. With a variety of configurations and modifications, we can create the most practical solutions for you.

Wooden desks for desktop computer are very often equipped with pedestals under the desk, which are extremely handy and roomy.

Office pedestals available in two color versions, namely white-wood and black-wood, are storage compartments for documents, folders, binders or office accessories necessary for daily work. Our wooden desks for the office modern with pedestals is a bestseller on the furniture market, which especially appeals to all lovers of functional solutions with minimalism and elegance.

Our pedestals can be permanently mounted to the desks, or they can be a separate element placed under the desk top, as well as next to it.

office pedestals
office furniture
office furniture

Wooden desks customized for the President and CEO

Modern office furniture by Deerhorn is the perfect choice for the office of the CEO and the office of the President. Our offer is rich and varied, so with us everyone will find something for themselves. Office furniture, industrial furniture for the office, which we create as a Polish brand, are very solid, durable and elegant, which is why they so often equip the offices of CEOs, directors or managers.

The desk cabinet will help organize the workspace of the President and CEO of the company, and will ensure order, order and harmony not only on the desk top, but also around the furniture. Wooden corner desk is a large corner desk, which has been refined even to the smallest detail. Due to its excellent quality and beautiful style, our wooden corner desk in the offices of the President or Mrs. President is very often placed in the middle of the office, office.

customized corner desk

Let us offer desks for the CEO, or wooden desks, which are the perfect combination of minimalism and elegance. With us you will also find a desk for the President, which is a modern corner desk with character in two color versions. The corner desk will be perfect as a desk, office of the President or Mrs. President and will ensure the prestige and great reputation of the company in the eyes of both employees and customers, as well as business partners.

Our modern corner desk and practical black desk pedestal is a must have for any office belonging to a business owner. Wooden desks and a practical filing cabinet are the perfect duo, combining plenty of designer style and practicality. Black loft desk and cabinet with drawers under the deskis the most common combination of our products, which users appreciate very much.

Thanks to this positioning, our desk made of wood top, metal not only fulfills its function at the highest level, but also perfectly highlights the essence of the place, elegance and prestige. Metal desk with wooden top is an extremely designer and stylish piece of furniture that creates a positive image of the business owners’ office and emphasizes that they rely on the most favorable solutions in every place.

The large, solid wooden desk top with its natural color and grain symbolizes exceptional quality, timelessness, durability and originality, which the President and Mrs. President cannot lack in their daily activities.

Our furniture for the office set is not only wooden corner desks, but also wooden cabinet modern in a variety of configurations. Office closet, cabinet for office by Deerhorn available in a variety of models will work perfectly as a piece of furniture for a stylish office or study. The four-door cabinet for the office from Deerhorn is a Ideal office cabinet for documents and office cabinet for files. Modern black office cabinet, like all furniture of our production, was created made of the highest quality materials, namely natural oak wood, furniture board and metal construction.

The office filing cabinet has separate shelves that are very roomy and functional. In addition, our The black office cabinet, which we placed in the modern office of Deltaprime company, has a lock installed. Closable office cabinet is top of the line, which provides security of stored documents, as well as objects, which should not be noticed by unauthorized persons. Very many of our customers use the option of installing a lock, and then their black office cabinet works even better as a filing cabinet and filing cabinet, because each owner of the furniture is guaranteed that everything stored inside is comprehensively secured. The black office locking cabinet is therefore a must have for any modern and functional office For Mrs. President or the President’s office.

single desk for office
single desk for office
four-door cabinet for office
four door cabinet for office

Wooden bench desks with multiple configuration options – customize them to your needs

Bench desks, that is, office furniture, or more precisely, modular furniture that perfectly adapts to the individual needs of the user. This type of desks gives you the opportunity to set them up according to your preferences. Wood desks modern can be equipped with our designer desks desk accessories in the form of A recessed extension cord with USB-C, a circular cable grommet in the desk top, and a vertical desk cable channel or horizontal under-desk strip for cables and power supplies.

Many of our customers equip their oak top desks with functional desk extensions or drawers placed under the wooden top. Each of these options increases the ergonomics of our multifunctional desk and its practical use.

The bench desk system works well in both more traditional interiors and coworking spaces. In our range of “small desks for business“, which have many different configuration options, you will find a simple desk, a double-sided desk, a mobile desk and a desk with a drawer and cabinet.

Each of these models is unique in many ways. Depending on exactly what you need in your office or study, you can search and choose for yourself Computer desk, desk with cabinet or loft corner desk. We also make custom desks, so with us you can purchase 140 cm desk, straight desk 160 cm or A large corner desk with a cabinet.

As a company that puts customers first, we are flexible and willing to produce furniture that is perfectly tailored to your needs, so our black metal desk is a custom desk. Wooden oak desk, due to the solid wood used in production , is a piece of furniture that is very beneficial for the concentration of users. Wood in interiors gives a sense of warmth, tranquility and connection and harmony with nature, so our wooden desk with cabinet significantly affects concentration, focus and efficiency at work, and thanks to metal elements perfectly reflects the character of industrial interiors. Such a combination of wood and metal in bench desks is very good for the atmosphere and climate of the interiors.

It is also impossible not to mention the possibility of ordering an adjustable desk. Electrically adjustable desk with the possibility to adjust the top to the height of the user is an extremely functional solution, which is particularly suitable when the furniture is used by more than one person, such as in coworking spaces, open spaces. You can adjust the one-button adjustable computer desk to your individual needs, which significantly affects the quality of work, ergonomics and the health of the spine.

two-seater desk
two seater desk

Choosing the right wooden desk for an acoustic booth

While working on this realization, we were also tasked with preparing a The desk for the Deltaprime agency, which was placed In the acoustic booth. Acoustic booths for the office to isolated spaces that are specially designed and responsible for improving acoustic comfort in a variety of work environments. Acoustic cubiclesare enclosed spaces that allow you to perform your tasks in full concentration, while providing privacy and protection from outside noise.

The right acoustic panels are a guarantee of an excellent acoustic booth, but in order to fully exploit the potential of this space, the right equipment is essential. The desk for Deltaprime, the soundproof booth desk, is a premium piece of furniture that stands out for its many advantages.

The acoustic booth desk offered by our company is a solid wood desk, which was created from natural oak wood and a durable and solid metal structure. The wood desk as an office ac oustic booth desk will work perfectly, because the properties of natural oak wood have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the interiors.

Our wooden computer desks have a wooden desk top, which has been comprehensively protected in the process of oiling with natural oleo-wax. The oleo-wax gives the surface of the tabletop protection against coffee and tea stains, as well as abrasion and damage. The oleo-wax also penetrates into the interior of the raw material and there also protects the natural material from damage.

acoustic booth desk

Deerhorn acoustic cubicle des ks have been as detailed as the rest of our straight desks, corner desks, corner desks with wooden tops or adjustable des ks. A properly prepared office desk for special conditions performs even better. Wood and metal acoustic office desk, in addition to the many positive properties of oak wood, is also distinguished by excellent ergonomics, comfort of use and modern design. The desk without drawers is a minimalist form of our top desks that so often find their place in your offices, cabinets and homes.

Our office desk without drawers, which can be placed in an acoustic shed in the office, can also be modified according to the individual needs and preferences of owners and users. Our office computer desk with acoustic panels can also appear as an industrial corner desk with a variety of desk accessories.

The classic form of the furniture is very often supplemented by our Recipients with functional solutions. We equip a straight desk or corner desk for the office with stylish and capacious pedestals, minimalist drawers, practical desk top extensions and desk accessories in the form of a vertical cable duct, an under-counter cable strip placed under the desk top or a cable grommet mounted in the desk top. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that will comprehensively equip your acoustic booth for the office, you have come to the perfect place. We will prepare for you the best solution not only for your office and study, but also for the acoustic box, where you will create the ideal conditions for work and development.

acoustic office desk
acoustic office desk

wooden desks for office – gallery 09.02.2024

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Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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