Loft style file cabinet. Width 118cm

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Office cabinet with shelves for files and documents with shelves

Among our premium products could not miss a capacious loft-style closet. Our two-door closet with shelves will provide you with a large amount of space that you can use in a way that suits your needs.
The organization of the closet largely depends on what function it serves. If our closet is a piece of furniture for an office or study, then surely inside it there will be binders, folders or other documents.

Black wide closet for office – closet capacity to suit your needs

The closet from the Loft Office collection will be ideal as a filing cabinet and an office cabinet for documents. The closet in the office has a significant function, so you need to take into account all your requirements and preferences when choosing it.

With us, the option of a custom-made closet is available, so as manufacturers we will make for you a piece of furniture tailored to your needs.

Office cabinet with shelves, stylish – from functionality to elegance

A lockable office clos et can also become a loft closet for a home or apartment in an instant. Its timeless look and elegance mean it can blend into any modern space.

Our custom closets can also be treated as beautiful closets for bedrooms. The highest quality materials used in the production process make our furniture stand out
amazing appearance, durability and robustness.

Solid wood closet creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in the interiors and gives a sense of connection and harmony with nature. Oak wood, as a noble material, captivates with beauty, so furniture made of this raw material will be the best choice for many years.

Solid wood cabinet – durability and strength of your furniture

The massive locking cabinet with shelves, thanks to the high-quality materials used in the production process, is a guarantee of strength and durability. Our customized closet with shelves makes it possible for each user to develop it in an individual way.

In the event that our two-door closet with shelves will decorate the interior of a bedroom or youth room, clothes, blankets and other necessary items of a similar nature will be stored inside.

The standard depth of the cabinet is 40 cm, and this is the right size to provide a comfortable amount of space.

As manufacturers of premium wood furniture, we offer to make a closet or other furniture from our range to individual order.

Are you looking for a customized closet? Contact us and tell us your expectations, and we will quickly solve them and offer you the best possible solution.

The loft office collection filing cabinet – what sets it apart?

1. cabinet body made of natural oak with a thickness of 18mm
2 Perfect fit of the frame – we use extremely precise tools so that our furniture has factory quality.
3. powder coating – it looks great, and it protects steel very well.
4. oiling – we protect the countertops with three layers of natural oil so that the wood does not absorb moisture. On request, oak elements can be lacquered.
5. The cabinet is shipped as a whole. No on-site installation required.


How do we ship cabinets?

90% of the file cabinets are shipped whole without being bolted together on site. The heavy weight makes it a tad difficult to carry into the home or office. In this case, we recommend pulling out the shelves. This will reduce the weight.

If you still find it difficult to bring in, you can detach the fronts. You don’t even need a screwdriver for this. All you have to do is press the buttons near the hinges. After removing the shelves and fronts, the weight will be very optimal.

Dimensions of the cabinet:

  • width: 118cm
  • depth: 40cm
  • total height: 200cm
  • drawer fronts: furniture board in black matt color
  • handles: oiled oak
  • weight: 97.60kg
  • height of shelves: 35cm (any binder will fit)
  • height of flat metal base: 6cm

97 , 60 kg


* installment purchases available for one-time orders over 4,000 zloty

What sets us apart?

meble polskie polskiej produkcji


Perfectsolutions for both office and home spaces. They are practical, functional but also beautifully designed. It's time to learn about furniture made in Poland from Deerhorn!

meble premium


You are guaranteed careful workmanship and the use of top-quality materials.

meble dostarczane w całości


You save time, money and gain convenience.

oryginalne wzornictwo mebli do biura


Deerhorn furniture is our original designs, which are protected in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, as well as in the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

wniesienie i ustawienie mebli


Standard delivery by courier is always without lifting service. If you are interested in purchasing such a service, please contact the DOK (Customer Service Department). It is priced individually.

lite drewno dębowe


Solid oak wood is protected with an excellent quality oil-wax blend, which creates effective protection against stains from coffee, tea, cola.

szybki termin realizacji zamówienia mebli


We have inventory and a modern production line, which allows us to supervise orders efficiently.

gwarancja na meble


Your new furniture investment comes with up to seven years of warranty protection.

naklejka deerhorn


All DEERHORN products have a sticker with our brand logo.

If you have questions about the product, how to maintain it, or have other questions about ordering from our store, please contact us.

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (i.e. Journal of Laws 1994 No. 24 item 83, as amended), all furniture designs presented on the site constitute a work and are covered by personal and property copyrights to all works presented. In addition, we would like to inform you that some of the presented works have also been filed as industrial designs with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and are protected under the Industrial Property Law Act (Journal of Laws 2001 No. 49, item 508, as amended).
Any infringement of the rights to the works or industrial designs presented may lead to a claim in court through civil proceedings.
If you would like to license the designs shown, please contact Levanter Law Firm:


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Loft style file cabinet. Width 118cm Loft style file cabinet. Width 118cm
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Introducing a classic among our furniture - the Loft Office collection. Natural, yet brilliant in its simplicity, premium loft furniture made of oak wood and black/white metal fantastically complements the interior design. However, these are not their only assets. In the Loft Office collection, we took care not only of the visual features, which are dominated by simple form and minimalism. It was important for us to create usable, practical furniture, and we succeeded.

loft furniture for the office

Wood and metal furniture key to creating dream office, study

A loft bookcase with shelves that can hold a stack of binders or books, binder chests for the office that accommodate sizable amounts of documents - also available with drawers (optionally with a lock) - or wood metal desks in loft style, industrial style in the version with a mobile container, or appearing individually. There was also a multifunctional office cabinet with shelves - either on a metal base or without it. With such an assortment, furnishing your own office or study is a pleasure. Moreover, working in such a place brings a lot of satisfaction, which translates into better results. Feel the elegance and sophistication in your own skin with furniture from Deerhorn.

loft office białe meble biurowe
meble biurowe loft office
loft desk with wastebasket free of charge

Loft desk with wooden top 160x70cm FREE basket


Loft desk with wooden top for modern study or office

The minimalist desk from the Loft Office collection, is the most popular model. It features a very stable construction and a thick oak top. The use of wood and metal ensures the durability and strength of the desk. The large work surface of the wooden top will accommodate:
  • laptop
  • monitor,
  • documents
  • printer

What desk accessories to choose?

A desk for a modern office should be functional and customized. First of all, it is good for a loft desk to be equipped with desk accessories , such as:

Which desk to choose for work?

The desk in a combination of wood and metal is a simple, but great solution for those looking for an unusual piece of furniture. The loft office desk blends in nicely with its surroundings, gives a pleasant atmosphere and is a perfect showcase for an office or home office. BThe office and study desk features an oak wood top with plenty of space. Wide solid oak wood top facilitates daily work and activities. Makes work more enjoyable and efficient. In addition, the desk black with metal brilliantly matches the waste basket.

For whom the oak wood and metal desk?

Modern industrial desk, is a piece of furniture created with passion for those who appreciate elegant and simple style. First of all is a good choice, for those who value durability and strength. It also addresses the needs of people who need a lot of space to work.  
desk with wooden top

desk with wooden top

Premium loft desk with wooden top from Deerhorn

1. 38mm thick solid oak wood top - you will appreciate the contact with natural wood. 2. Powder-coated steel frame - excellent coating with high scratch resistance. 3. minimalist design - modern and timeless appearance. 4. oiling with the use of an ultra-modern line-automation of the process of wood protection provides an excellent effect that is not achievable with manual work. In addition, we rely on a special blend of enhanced oil wax created especially for us by leading manufacturer Osmo . 5. The desk is shipped as a whole, without screwing together. Save your time and money. 6 Instant implementation - today you order, and within a few days the desk will be at your place. We are a manufacturer, and our factory is ready for fast delivery of small and large orders.

What else should you know about our desk?

  • Do you need holes in the countertop for cables? Select the appropriate option in the desk accessories section, in the mail or by phone
  • The material of the tabletop: oiledoak wood.
  • for convenience and comfort at work, we recommend a height-adjustable office chair
  • A desk lamp is also an important piece of desk equipment
  • Mouse pad for comfortable and convenient use of the mouse
  • for increased productivity, a document holder will be necessary
  • Loft Office collection desk is also used as: desk for work, desk for room, desk for office
  • The desk from the photos is additionally equipped with a circular cable grommet and mediaport. These two elements can be added using the configurator. Each of these options has an additional charge
  • With our desks you will appreciate the positive effect of wood on your well-being and comfort at work.

How do we pack and ship desks?

For the sake of your convenience, the desks are shipped as a whole. The advantage is that it saves a great deal of time.

Office desk dimensions:

  • Dimensions of oak top: 160x70cm, 180x70cm, 200x70cm.
  • thickness of oak top: 3.8cm
  • Desk height: 75cm.
  • weight: 44.60kg
  • Steel leg profile: 8x2cm.
  • Steel profile of decorative horizontal crossbars: 2x2cm.
👉 classic loft desk with wooden top 👈 more photos
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loft bookcase made of wood and metal

Fashionable bookcase for office or study with 5 shelves


Loft bookcase for office or study with five shelves

Minimalist bookcase from the collection "loft office", is an object of desire for lovers of beautiful interiors in industrial, loft style.

The wood and metal bookcase with oak shelves is also available in white.
The structure was made of powder-coated steel in matte black. We made the shelves from oak with a thickness of 1.8 cm. Keep safety in mind and tack any furniture over 120cm high to the wall.

rack dimensions with shelves:

  • height: 184 cm
  • width: 115 cm
  • dimension of oak planks: 115x29,7 - thickness 18 mm
  • weight: 38.40kg
👉 Document and filing cabinet - more photos of the bookcase👈


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pedestal desk cabinet

Black mobile container with drawers Loft Office


Black mobile desk pedestal with drawers - how does a desk cabinet help you organize your work and study?

Do you own a desk without drawers? Consider buying a container, which will greatly facilitate your work. It can fit dozens of office supplies, etc. Thanks to its universal dimensions, it fits any desk. Particularly noteworthy is the careful workmanship and the drawer slides with a silent self-closing mechanism. This gives exceptional pleasure of use.

High quality black desk pedestal

Our pedestal , desk cabinet is a high-quality piece of furniture that affects the perfect organization of work and study. Industrial desk with cabinet will ensure that in addition to a large area to carry out your duties, you will also have a place to store important documents and office supplies. Office cabinet with drawers is a functional, practical piece of furniture for any stylish office, study or room, thanks to which you will take care of order on the desk and around it. In addition, a computer desk with a pedestal will streamline your work and thus affect its efficiency and excellent results. Working in a comfortable and ergonomic environment in the office or at home is a dream for many people, so our corner desk with wooden top and pedestal will work perfectly in this situation. Wood in interiors gives a sense of connection and harmony with nature and has a beneficial effect on concentration and open-mindedness.

Black desk cabinet for work and study - comfort, ergonomics for work and study

The black cabinet with drawers from Deerhorn is a convenient and practical product that is both very comfortable to use and looks very aesthetically pleasing. Deerhorn's Loft Office Black Desk Ped estal is a durable and sturdy piece of furniture that will bring a touch of originality and timelessness to interiors thanks to its combination of natural oak wood and durable metal construction. Black desk and pedestal with drawers are our top products that will appeal to all lovers of minimalist solutions with character. The furniture was created with a beautiful appearance in mind, as well as comfort and ergonomics for users while working and studying. The capacious and practical cabinet with drawers for the office will also work well as a piece of furniture for a printer or other office equipment. In our offer you will find many modern and functional solutions, including. accessories, desk accessories in the form of the aforementioned A black mobile pedestal, as well as a horizontal under-desk strip for cables and power supplies, a vertical desk cable channel, a recessed desk extension cord with USB, a round cable grommet in the tabletop, and a desk extension or under-desk drawer. In our online store, we also have other office furniture that will go well with our industrial pedestal in black or look great as standalone pieces. We ship the pedestal with drawers as a whole, without screwing it together. You will save time and money.
  • height: 58.5 cm
  • width: 50cm
  • depth: 70cm
  • weight: 42.30kg
Materials: The body is made of particle board in matte black color. The handles are made of the same oak wood as the top of the "loft office" desk.

Office printer cabinet

Our pedestal is very often used as a mobile printer cabinet. 👉container under desk black - more photos👈.
black loft desk

black loft desk

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wood and metal dresser

A dresser for the office or study. Modern, loft style. Black. wide. 140cm


A dresser for the office or study. 140cm wide. Modern, industrial, loft style

Office chest of drawers made of wood and metal will charm your interiorwith its warm, natural color of oak wood. Beautiful and practical dresser with original shapes will turn your space into a cozy, atmospheric interior. Loft furniture has 4 capacious drawers, where you will find plenty of space for the things you need. Original oak handles will make opening and closing drawers pleasant and functional. The metal solid leg construction will add lightness to the dresser. The furniture will fit into any atmosphere of the room. You can order a whole set of furniture from us . The chest of drawers is available in several color variations. There is something for everyone.

Deerhorn modern loft chest of drawers - what sets it apart?

1. body of natural oak with a thickness of 18 mm. 2 Perfect fit of the frame - we use extremely precise tools so that our furniture has factory quality. 3. powder coating - it looks great, and it protects steel very well. 4. oiling - we protect the countertops with three layers of natural oil so that the wood does not absorb moisture. On request, oak elements can be lacquered. 5 The chest of drawers is delivered as a whole. No twisting required.

dresser dimension:

  • width: 140cm
  • depth: 40cm
  • total height: 80cm
  • weight: 36.70kg
  • drawer fronts: furniture board in black matt color
  • handles: oiled oak
  • drawer slides: silent self-closing of Rejs or Hafelle company
👉 Office dresser with drawers - see more photos👈.
wooden chest of drawers

wooden chest of drawers

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