Hi, my name is Rafal Pikul.

I’m the creator of Deerhorn and I’m very happy that you have come to this place. I want to tell you how it all started.

To start with an interesting fact – did you know that wood can survive up to 2,000 years in a room with constant temperature and humidity? Isn’t it fascinating how durable the material is? Wooden furniture can be successfully passed down from generation to generation. To serve the next members of the family. Connect them to their ancestors as they slide their hand over the same piece of wood, discovering the dents and scratches that successive people have left on the desk top over the years. As they studied with him, they sketched their brilliant ideas on the pages of notebooks, wrote down in diaries their inspirations, plans, dreams for the future, and perhaps business strategies to bring them closer to that future… It’s quite like discovering talents and passions within themselves that, all along, were outlined in their genes and passed down in the family from generation to generation.

The story of Deerhorn is just such a story of discovery.

It doesn’t start with “a long, long time ago…” It has its official beginning in 2019, when the first project was created.
, which I created for my own use, for my dream office. The office I strenuously wanted to furnish myself, but in hundreds of stores I was unable to find even one piece of furniture at the sight of which my heart would kill harder.

Frustrated and resigned, I grasped at a crazy idea. Why not create a desk from scratch? I had a vision, I knew exactly how my piece of furniture should look. I didn’t risk anything – if it doesn’t work out, after all, I can go back to the store search. I designed the frame, ordered a wooden top. Step by step, I combined the elements, watching with delight as something just mine was created. I tenderly oiled the wood centimeter by centimeter, discovering some therapeutic power in it. And guess what? It worked!

After the desk, which delighted not only me, but also a whole host of people after the photos were published online, it was time for another challenge – the
. Sales were going great, production was gaining momentum, every now and then I changed the studio to a new, bigger one. I couldn’t believe that a single desk project could turn into my dream job.

I kept wondering where I got such an impulse to create furniture out of wood… It turned out that I had to go back to the 1950s for the answer. last century. That was when my grandfather Francis took his first steps in carpentry. When everything was in short supply, he built his workshop step by step, learning and producing more and more complex objects from wood – bulbs, barrels, stools, tables, kitchen accessories and garden tools. And although my grandfather didn’t manage to teach me the trade, I think he passed on to me what is most important – a love of wood, working with it, the joy of handmade objects and passion. I just had to discover it.