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Manufacturer of office furniture

The heart of the Deerhorn brand – a manufacturer of office furniture – is located in Bilgoraj in the Lublin region. It is here that office furniture is created that combines functionality, design and the highest quality workmanship.

We use carefully selected materials and precise workmanship to produce office furniture. Every detail is carefully crafted by us to make the furniture from Bilgoraj emanate not only elegance, but also history and local character.

Office furniture – Manufacturer of office furniture from Bilgoraj

As manufacturer of office furniture With a passion for excellence, we offer unique solutions that combine the most important features that are so valued by our customers, which are: functionality, aesthetics, durability, high quality workmanship. We proudly equip small offices, offices, as well as entire office buildings at home and abroad with our products.

Whether you are arranging a small office space or a complex business facility, our office furniture is tailored to meet a variety of needs. We are fully committed to a passion for the beauty and functionality of office furniture.

Manufacturer of office furniture with unique proprietary designs

Each project we create is unique and full of individual character. The uniqueness of our office furniture has been recognized by the Polish Patent Office as protected industrial designs.

Therefore, as an office furniture manufacturer, we are committed to creating original designs/designs that inspire the entire industry.

Furniture from Bilgoraj is changing the world space

We proudly supply Bilgoraj furniture to interiors across the country and abroad, complementing both small offices and prestigious office buildings. When you choose Bilgoraj furniture, you choose not only quality, but also a distinct trace of history and local passion for craftsmanship. Discover the beauty of tradition in a modern way with furniture from Bilgoraj, a leader and manufacturer of office furniture.

With us, office furniture manufacturers and our office furniture, you will discover uniqueness, elegance and comfort in every detail.

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Machine park

Deerhorn office furniture is made using modern machinery. The basis of production is CNC machining centers and an automatic wood oiling line. The technological solutions introduced guarantee high product quality, repeatability and multiplication of production.
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Environmental benefits

The idea of circular economy is particularly dear to us, so we consciously use natural raw materials such as solid oak wood and steel in production, which are 100% reusable. Even the particleboard we use in the production of fronts can be recycled.
The entire production process in our company is aimed at reducing waste generation as much as possible. We manage our production process and manufactured products to maximize the recovery of all resources and recycle them again, in accordance with the zero waste principle.


<b>Office furniture, manufacturer from Bilgoraj</b> - showroom Bilgoraj is more than 20 separate arrangements of rooms on an area of more than 700 m2. Here you will find all our collections and accessories. You are welcome to contact us and make an appointment.

+48 535 975 875

office furniture manufacturer
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We cordially invite you to the showroom in the headquarters of our company in Bilgoraj, where you can see all our furniture, touch it and at the same time drink delicious coffee.
Our staff will be happy to tell you about the technologies and materials we use. We can help you create your dream office or study.
You can find our other showrooms in cities: Warsaw, Rzeszow, Cracow, Katowice, Wroclaw.
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<h4>We love what we do.</h4>
Behind every action we take is a team of great people - specialists and experts who help transform your interiors. Committed to their work, consistent in their actions, so as to meet all your expectations.
<h4>We create with intention for today, tomorrow and beyond....</h4>
We are confident that <b>the office furniture</b> will arouse your delight and improve your working comfort. Why? Our <b>office furniture</b> is more than just geometric solids - it's <b>furniture</b> that you'll write your story with, for better or worse. They will become your personal companion in your daily work and you probably won't imagine working without them soon. We put in your hands <b>office furniture</b> - the fruits of great, passionate work of our employees.


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