Loft Office Plus 160×70 corner desk


    Loft desk 140x70cm with wooden top.


    Under-desk keyboard shelf


    Corner desk with wooden top Corner Desk


    Loft Office 160x80cm oak top desk


    Loft Office Plus Right Desk with Wooden Top


    Loft desk with wooden top 160x70cm FREE basket


    Vertical desk cable channel


    Industrial desk with oak top “loft office”


    Loft office plus desk. FREE premium basket


    Future active style corner desk


    Electric desk with wooden top 140x70cm


    Coffee tables slide one under the other


    Modern loft furniture for office, study and home in premium version

    As a Polish manufacturer of wood and metal furniture, we offer loftoffice furniture and industrial furniture for offices, homes and apartments. Deerhorn ‘s unique collection of products makes an office arranged with their participation full of magic and inspiration for daily activities and duties.

    The use of natural raw materials further emphasizes the uniqueness of our products. Deerhorn furniture is made from a combination of natural oak wood and solid metal construction. Unparalleled quality that will allow you to enjoy our products for many years has been consolidated through comprehensive protection of raw materials.

    We coveredoak wood with natural oil wax, which effectively protects the surface of the wood and penetrates into the interior of the material and protects the raw material there as well. Such measures make Deerhorn wooden furniture resistant to stains from coffee, tea or other beverages, as well as from food, pen or pens.

    Oil-wax coated loft office furniture is protected from scratches, abrasion and damage. We powder coated the metal structure, because we wanted it to also have the necessary protection and at the same time stand out for its great aesthetic qualities. Such thorough security processes make our loft office furniture an investment in premium products that will last for generations to come.

    Practical loft furniture for the office in a designer form

    Our company has a lot of satisfied customers who were looking for functional solutions for interior design with character. Lovers of beautiful rooms, minimalism, elegance and attention to the smallest details will feel right at home in our store.

    Deerhorn furniture is a product of very high quality and modern design. The versatility of our furniture makes it easy for any owner to match colorful accessories and other types of materials or structures. Our designers have focused on making each product practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Functional and stylish solutions make daily activities much more pleasant, and in addition, our loft office furniture, thanks to the large number of wooden elements, brings an amazing atmosphere and friendly atmosphere to the interior.

    Wood in interiors gives a sense of warmth, harmony and connection with nature, which has many positive properties for the human body. A person who communes with nature is much more focused, concentrated and productive, and his creativity is also greatly improved. Wood contributes to the comfort of the furniture‘s users, which is why it is such a valued and popular raw material.

    Due to the durability and strength of oak wood, our loft office furniture and home furniture is an investment of great value, which after many years will still be able to perform its function at a very high level, as well as pass on the tradition to the next generation.

    Loft furniture for office, study on individual customer order

    Deerhorn furniture is a natural beauty that adds elegance and prestige to all interiors furnished with our products. We offer many inspiring collections, namely: Loft Office, Loft Office Plus, Modern Office, Loft Office Slim, Future Active, Modern Workplace and Pinum. Each of these collections is unique and one-of-a-kind, but at the same time they all combine a touch of timeless style, functionality and elegance.

    Our collections include. Practical corner desks, functional adjustable desks, capacious filing cabinets, industrial bookcases, loft chests of drawers for files and binders, as well as massive conference tables, designer coffee tables and sofas and armchairs in leather and wood.

    As passionate about practical solutions and attention to the smallest details, we also offer original accessories in the form of a desk top extension, drawer, mobile pedestal or trash can. We also offer more technological solutions, such as a recessed desk extension cord with USB-C, or practical options that help keep the interior tidy and harmonious, such as a vertical desk cable channel.

    Thanks to our products, you will get a dream place to work or relax, which will stand out for its amazing aesthetic qualities. As a company focused on customer satisfaction and satisfaction, we provide the opportunity to personalize furniture.

    Each of our products can be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the Recipient. We take into account the changes made in the standard sizes of our furniture, and also give the opportunity to complement our product with functional accessories that for the customer can be really helpful.

    We provide expert advice and assistance in the selection of furniture for industrial, loft and Scandinavian interiors, and our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Deerhorn products and the arrangement of functional interiors in modern design.

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