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Conference table for EUROZET group – a radio station, among others. Radio ZET

Radio ZET conversation table
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loft table black with wood
conference table for 14 people

👉Realizationfor EUROZET group, that is, arranging the space using a conference table from Deerhorn👈.

As Deerhorn, a manufacturer of industrial furniture made of wood and metal, we had the opportunity to furnish the space of one of the leading media companies in Poland – EUROZET Group, which includes Radio ZET.


Conference table with wooden top is a timeless piece of furniture, which was created with the highest quality materials. Our Radio ZET conference room table is a functional, durable and sturdy product that provides a comfortable place to work and hold important business discussions.

Our modern modular table with a long oak top is a sturdy conference table for up to 20 people, which we have protected from damage in the manufacturing process. The large oak top covered with natural oil wax will protect it from stains from coffee, tea or other drinks.

The metal frame powder-coated in matte black is not only a great protection, but combined with the natural shade of wood, it also blends perfectly aesthetically in the radio station room.

The conference room table at Radio ZET has been equipped with aluminum cable grommets that facilitate work and take care of the aesthetics on the table, keeping order, order and harmony. Tangled cables lying on the tabletop are no longer a problem. Thanks to such surges, the conference table for Radio ZET has gained additional charm and a practical solution. We offer a variety of innovative accessories that make daily operations much easier.

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table with a thick wooden top on metal legs
Radio ZET conference room table

Selecting a table for the conference room. How to choose the right model?

The conference room serves a key function in many businesses and offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to holding important meetings. The industrial conference table for 14 people has been aptly adapted to the space of Radio ZET’s conference room. The right size, designer style, timeless appearance and incredible comfort from use will significantly improve the quality of work of meeting participants. In addition to the practicalities of owning our wood and metal conference table, every owner and user of the furniture will also enjoy the amazing aesthetics of the workmanship.

The attention to detail and precision of each table element shows that as a furniture manufacturer we focus both on ergonomics, ecology and creating premium products on a global scale. The long table with chairs for Radio ZET’s conference room created a warm, friendly atmosphere in the interior, which has a positive effect on concentration during work, and gives a sense of connection and harmony with nature.

When choosing the right model of conference table, you should focus on your needs. It is important to pay attention to the available space in the interior, the prevailing style, as well as the materials used for the table.

a large table for Radio ZET's conference room
conference room table at Radio ZET

Who is the EUROZET group?

EUROZET Group is a media-related company that produces and broadcasts radio programs, sells advertising time, and brokers stations and websites, as well as creating and managing websites. EUROZET Group began operating in 1993, although the beginnings of its history had already taken place three years earlier, with Radio ZET starting broadcasting then.

As we can read on EUROZET Group’s official website, it currently includes as many as nine radio stations, including: Radio ZET, TOK FM, Radio Zlote Przeboje, Antyradio, Radio Plus, Radio Pogoda, Meloradio, Rock Radio and Chillizet.

EUROZET Group is also home to the music-podcast service Tuba and online services such as,,,, and, as well as Studio ZET, which produces commercials, and EUROZET Live, a brand dedicated to cross-media projects and marketing of places and events. We are very pleased that EUROZET Group has chosen our brand from among many companies producing conference tables. This is a great honor and a great success for us.

long loft conference table
a long table with chairs for Radio ZETs conference room

Radio ZET’s most popular programs

Radio ZET is one of the stations that enjoys great popularity and recognition in Poland not only for its beloved songs and timeless hits, but also for its great programs, among which are: “Good Morning Very,” hosted by Marek Starybrat, Kamil Baleja and Bartosz Gajda, who give listeners the power of positive energy from the very morning, as well as such broadcasts as “The Summit of Everything,” “Radio ZET’s Guest,” “The 7th Day of the Week” and “Szymon Majewski’s Frenzy.

Each listener is sure to find something to his or her liking, from entertainment and humor, excellent music, interesting information, a dose of top-notch journalism, and reliable news from the country and the world.

Watch the video about the desk and learn about its benefits 😃

Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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