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Furniture for the unique business space of OSM Łowicz

Rafał Pikul Deerhorn Łukasz Siewierski OSM Łowicz
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office table with chairs
office table

Modern interior design of the company Lowicz with furniture by Deerhorn brand

We had the pleasure of carrying out an order for the District Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz, which has been famous for generations for its dairy products, where it uses only Polish milk. The brand’s logotype depicts Łowiczanka, which is extremely distinctive and recognizable by customers not only in Poland, but also in more than 50 countries around the world. This is an incredible honor and pure pleasure for us.

Our office furniture perfectly matches the interiors of OSM Lowicz 🙂

Łowicz dairy

The cooperative annually processes more than 390 million liters of milk from 2,500 family farms.

OSM Łowicz has three thriving production facilities located in different parts of Poland. The company offers UHT milks and Creams, ripened cheeses both in the form of traditional blocks and portions, slices or shavings in various weights, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, fermented products (kefirs, buttermilk, yogurts) and milk powders.

Conference room equipment – industrial conference table from Deerhorn with oak top

The massive table made of oak wood and powder-coated metal construction is all about style, character and excellent quality. Our conference tables are bestsellers on the furniture market, which are perfect for large conference rooms, where they provide comfortable and ergonomic conditions for work, discussions with colleagues and talks with business partners.

A conference table with chairs is a must have for any office, where you will create the perfect space in a modern style. The conference table can be equipped with accessories of our production, which will greatly improve your work and contribute to helping you maintain order and space on the wooden table top. A functional solution is to install a recessed extension cord with USB-C and a circular cable grommet in the desk top.

conference table with chairs
conference table with chairs

Modern reception desk for stylish interiors

The reception area is a key place in a company that is constantly bustling with activity and is accessible to both company employees and customers or business partners. Thus, it is the first place your guests have a chance to be as soon as they enter the company. The first impression is the most important, so it’s worth investing in a timeless reception desk that will stand out for its great functionality and quality, as well as its remarkable design. The reception desk from Deerhorn was created from the highest quality materials, including natural oak wood.

The oak slatted reception desk brings a tremendous amount of positive energy, warmth, good aura to the interior and gives a sense of connection and harmony with nature, which has a great effect on employees and visitors who come. This furniture presents ecological solutions combined with modern style and functionality. Thanks to our reception desk, each user of the furniture can enjoy a perfect organization of the workplace. Wooden receptions with slats from Deerhorn look perfect in all designer interiors arranged in loft and industrial style.

Remember that you can watch all product videos on our channel 👉YouTube👈.

corner reception desk with slats
corner reception desk with slats

Stylish interior furnishings from Lowicz – elegant display cabinets, capacious closets, practical chests of drawers and designer laths

In addition to top products, our implementation included additional items that also perform extremely important tasks in office spaces. An office closet and an office chest of drawers are two types of furniture that are ideal for storing documents, files and binders, as well as essential items or office accessories.

Elegant display case will add charm and incredible elegance to the entire interior, in addition, it will prove useful as a piece of furniture for documents and more. Using a glass display case as a place to store company awards, gadgets or interior decorations is also a great idea. The entire interior of the Łowicz company’s office was finely crafted, and we used laths for the wall. Our wooden lat hs are an extremely aesthetic interior accessory that looks very elegant and dignified, and brings a lot of warmth, friendly atmosphere and nature to the interior. Wooden laths are a modern form of designer decoration in a stylish interior.

oak wood office furniture – gallery 26.03.2024

Rafał Pikul Deerhorn Łukasz Siewierski OSM Łowicz
Rafał Pikul Deerhorn Łukasz Siewierski OSM Łowicz

See video about corner desk

Dlaczego meble dębowe do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • oak wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility to personalize our furniture, which allows customers to create an office perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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