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Office furniture for an insurance company – Hurtownia Ubezpieczeń Bilgoraj – Marcin Stec

desk with pedestal in modern style

It is with great pleasure and pride that we would like to present to you the realization we had the opportunity to create for the Insurance Company – Marcin Stec.

Mr. Martin’s business is an extremely friendly place, where each client under his care will feel security and peace of mind in life.Performing insurance activities related to offering and providing coverage for the risk of the consequences of random events, is the daily bread in the Company of our client.

Therefore, we are bursting with pride to participate in the arrangement of this place.

insurance wholesaler
insurance wholesaler

The customer is a confident businessman with his head held high, so when making a He chose from our “palette” of products these gems that give his office a unique atmosphere. For his business world, he chose, among others: a solid wood desk in a modern style, a black lockable cabinet, leather armchairs, a coffee table, a wood dresser with shelves. All office furniture perfectly fill Mr. Martin’s space.

Particularly noteworthy here is the leather armchair with oak wood, which, together with the leather sofa , creates a cozy waiting area for the client.

The whole place oozes luxury and comfort. We helped to create a place that is friendly to the Owner and Customers. It is known that when two heads full of ideas are combined , only good things will come out of it!

Thank you for your trust🙂