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Modern adjustable desk for working by the window – realization for the customer

adjustable desk under the window

For our client, we completed the design of a modern adjustable desk, cabinet and table that meet the highest standards of ergonomics and functionality. The desk has been placed opposite the window, which provides natural lighting conducive to work and concentration.

The electric desk was placed opposite the window, which not only provides adequate lighting for the workstation, but also allows the use of natural light for most of the day. This allows the customer to enjoy a pleasant view outside the window, which positively affects the comfort and efficiency of work.

Desk Specifications:

  • Adjustable height: the desk is equipped with a height adjustment mechanism, allowing you to adjust the working position to suit your individual needs.
  • Drawer under the desk: A spacious drawer is mounted under the desk top, ideal for storing essential office accessories, documents or writing instruments.
  • Monitor extension: There is a monitor extension on the desk that allows you to organize your workspace ergonomically, keeping the screen at the right height and reducing neck strain.

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