Premium furniture
For the office and study.

Welcome to Deerhorn, where naturally beautiful furniture is created from a love of wood.

If you envision the ideal office as a space that inspires you every day, calms you down and allows you to work in comfort, you’re in the right place. The office of your dreams is here.


We create a better space for office work in harmony with nature and ergonomics.

Explore a wide range of office furniture. Use our ready-made office ideas or configure something your own. Or do you have a completely different idea? Write to us and we will certainly be able to make your dream furniture for you.
We mainly produce desks with oak tops in industrial loft style. In addition, we are increasingly using unprecedented materials. New are OSB or plywood desk tops. Plus bookcases, dressers, tables, shelves.
Buy single furniture or entire sets from us, creating a fully functional work space.

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DEERHORN庐 wood and steel furniture, is the highest quality materials combined in simple, modern forms. Ecology, Ergonomics, Elegance; Design your space by choosing from our furniture. The distinctive logo with antlers is already hosted in thousands of offices and offices at home and abroad.

Modern desks
is our specialty. We equip companies with them to create an ideal space for employees. On the product pages you will find additional customization options and a tabletop configurator that will allow you to customize your desk.


DEERHORN’s offer also includes sturdy furniture for the home. Tables with oak tops, coffee tables, beds, consoles, dressers and much more. The furniture we create is not only industrial, loft or Scandinavian style. We are passionate about developing designs that will blend into any apartment, home or office.
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Adjustable height is a feature that will make sure you find the right position to sit or stand at your desk. Many workers spend all day at them so ergonomics plays a big role.
Adjustable corner desk arrangement

Wooden furniture creates a unique atmosphere in the room. Nature has a salutary effect on our well-being, and wood is prized for its durability and practicality. Here are some reasons why you should have them in your office and home:


Wood finds its way into all interior design trends. Loft style, industrial, modern, Scandinavian and any other style.


Wood can be combined with metal, glass, stone and other materials giving an almost unlimited range of possibilities.


Wood furniture, is furniture for generations. They will endure more than one move and rearrangement.


Wooden countertops can be refurbished without having to replace them with new ones. Renovation is an easy process as described below.


Wooden countertops are slightly more expensive than substitutes, but they offer many unique benefits, for example, durability, strength, quality, elagancy, ecology, and thus with their features they surpass other options in every respect.


Wood furniture can serve in the office, home and even in the garage.


See our furniture
On the YouTube channel.

Check out DEERHORN’s furniture presentations on its YouTube channel. Explore our design that creates a unique space and functionality to accompany your work.

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