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Office coffee machine cabinet


Wood chest of drawers for office and beyond

Office chest of drawers is not only a practical piece of furniture for storage, but also an expression of style and character of the interior. Each office chest of drawers tells its own unique design story, combining aesthetics with practicality.Therefore, if you value order in the office, like to have your documents sorted and free from unnecessary things desk top, bet on office chest of drawers from Deerhorn.With our chest of drawers, you will create additional space to manage. Thus, it brings order and harmony - essential for your comfort at work. Office dresser is a big step to better organization of your office.

Office dresser - natural beauty that creates a unique space

Our office dressers are made of natural wood and metal, just like the whole collection of furniture. They match stylistically with our desks, bookcases or closets, so you can create a coherent interior.Office dresser is a functional, but also a very classic piece of furniture, which will work well not only in the office. The modern, minimalist form of our products will fit perfectly into any room or office.

Office dresser - perfection in detail

Designing furniture, we pay attention to the selection of the best materials, exceptional design and details. Office dresser is characterized by many years of durability, original visual effect and timeless beauty. You will find all this in our products.

office dresser

office dresser

Office dressers - variety of styles, shapes

In our collection you will find office dressers in a variety of styles, shapes and colors, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding design enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a furniture for storing documents in the office, or an elegant office chest of drawers for decorating your living room, our suggestions will do a great job for your daily work.

White office chest of drawers or black office chest of drawers - perfection in every choice?

Are you looking for a office chest of drawers? In our offer you will find office chests combining functionality with aesthetics, offering perfection in every choice.Office chest in white is synonymous with elegance. Its bright, muted color scheme opens up the space, adding lightness and purity to the room. It is ideal for those who appreciate harmony and tranquility in an office environment.By choosing a white office dresser, you are choosing class and functionality, creating a space for effective work every day.If you prefer the depth of the color black, our black office dresser will meet your expectations. The black color with wooden accents add character and power to your office.The black office dresser is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern yet elegant storage solution for documents and office accessories.

office dresser white

office dresser white

office chest of drawers black

office chest of drawers black

Closed office chest - privacy combined with elegance

Closed office chest of drawers is the choice for those who value privacy and security of documents. It is the perfect solution for storing important documents or personal belongings, while maintaining the elegance of the furniture and keeping the prestige high.

lockable office dresser

lockable office dresser

Office dresser, office dresser, black, white, small, large. Choosing a chest of drawers has never been so obvious

When looking for a office chest of drawers, you are faced with a choice between classic-style elegance and modern design. Our office dressers, regardless of color - white or black, shape, size combine excellence of workmanship, functionality and aesthetics.When choosing a office dresser from Deerhorn - combine functionality with aesthetics. Our office dressers are not only furniture, but also an expression of style and professionalism in your office space."


white chest of drawers with wood three-door Scandinavian loft