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Height adjustable desks

Electric desk with wooden top 140x70cm


Desk with height adjustment and wooden top 160x70cm


Black height adjustable desk for student 120×70


Height adjustable white desk with slim 160x70cm top


Adjustable-height desks - comfortable for you and your health

Adjustable-height desks for work, study or leisure should provide comfortable conditions in the form of adjusted height and adequate space. Many hours spent at an uncomfortable height-adjustable desk is often the cause of back problems, resulting in, among other things. such as back pain, headaches or various postural defects especially in children.

Height-adjustable desks - optimal height for your height

Ourheight-adjustable desks are the perfect choicefor standing and sitting work. Desks adjust height smoothly, so you can adjust it to your needs in no time. The right countertop height allows you to do your work in ergonomic, comfortable conditions depending on your needs.Our adjustable height desks work in the range of 60 - 124 cm without a top and are ideal as a piece of furniture for children, teenagers and adults. With our change the height of the desk and adjust it to your individual needs and preferences and enjoy a comfortable place at home or at work.Adjustable height desk has a high-quality adjustment panel that remembers the previous height of the top and in an instant can change the current height to the one that was most suitable for the user. So it's a quick and easy way to create the right conditions for working, studying or entertaining.Height-adjustable desks provide the right conditions for working and studying, because thanks to the ability toadjust the height of the tabletop to the silhouette of the furniture user, you can quickly create a perfectly fitting piece of furniture. Optimal sitting position provides comfortable conditions and thus takes care of a healthy spine.A height-adjustable desk can also become a standing desk in an instant. The ability to adjust the height of the tabletop to the employee is one of the key elements that positively affects the reputation of the company and the owner himself.Taking care of their charges and their health and well-being makes employees more productive and satisfied with their work, so you should check out our wide range of height-adjustable desks.

Height-adjustable desks - flexibility at work and at home

Height-adjustable desks work well in many situations at home and at work. One desk is often used by many people of different heights, so our desk will allow you to take care of your comfort while using the desk.A quick change of working position will easily coincide with a quick change of the height of the top of our desk.

Why height adjustment in a desk is important?

Height-adjustable desks are an innovative solution that will appeal to all those who appreciate high quality, technological capabilities and functionality in one. The height adjustment of the desk top is very important, because in no time you can make the height adjustment for both sitting and standing work.

Height-adjustable desk - high quality materials

Height-adjustable desk by Deerhorn is made of natural solid oak wood and a sturdy electric frame. The quality of the desk is especially appreciated by all enthusiasts of functional solutions using oak wood.

Electric racks - customize your workspace to your needs!

Electric racks make it possible to adjust the height of the desk to the individual needs of the user. Our electric racks are characterized not only by their robust construction, but also by their ease of use. Electric racks made of high-quality materials guarantee stability and durability, which makes the office more health-friendly, allowing you to work in an optimal position.The color of the tabletop perfectly matches the white or black rack. The electric frame has been refined by us so that it performs its functionat the highest level and looks good at the same time. In addition, wood top in the interiors creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, which is beneficial for work and study.Height adjustable desks are products that are an excellent investment for many years.

height-adjustable desks

height-adjustable desks

Height-adjustable desk - solid wood

Ourheight-adjustable desk is another of the top products in Deerhorn's product line, for the production of which we used natural solid oak wood. Wood in interiors has a positive effect on concentration and relaxation, and creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The solid wood countertop was properly protected by us in the process of oiling and thus became resistant to stains from coffee or other drinks. Thanks to this form of protection of the tabletop, the wood did not lose its natural appearance, but only gained freshness and luster.

How to choose the best height-adjustable desk?

As Deerhorn company we have been developing our position in the furniture market for several years and we make every effort to ensure that each of our products is high quality and serves its owners in many situations.A height-adjustable desk is one of the best solutions both for office and study and home or apartment.However, how to choose this best desk? What to focus on when equipping your office with a height-adjustable desk? First of all, it's worth paying attention to the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, as well as to get acquainted with the specifics of the company, its values and mission. It is also necessary to receive details that show that the company, focusing on details, the basic elements have perfectly refined.Our company from the very beginning is focused onproducing the highest quality premium industrial furniture, which will equip the stylish interiors of lovers of minimalist solutions.

height-adjustable desk black

height-adjustable desk black

Can a height-adjustable desk be a gaming desk?

Our electrically adjustable corner desk can be used, among other things. Among other things, it can be used as a gaming desk.This piece of furniture provides adequate space for a gamer, as well as the necessary space to place a laptop, computer, monitor and other accessories.The height adjustment range of 60 - 124 cm without the top gives you the opportunity to adjust the height of the desk to the silhouette of any gamer. Adequate adjustment range enables you to create a comfortable environment for yourself to play games and spend your leisure time in a cozy atmosphere.

Why choose a desk with electric height adjustment from Deerhorn?

Electric height-adjustable desk from Deerhorn is an intuitive mechanism and easy change of top height, functionality, as well as great design. As a company that produces industrial, loft and Scandinavian style furniture, we made sure to include a solid electric desk in addition to the basic versions of premium desks.Our height-adjustable desk is distinguished by its quality, innovative design and durable and solid wood top. A height-adjustable desk from a Polish manufacturer can also be equipped by us with many innovative solutions in the form of, among others, cable pass-throughs in the tabletop or an extension cord recessed into the desk top with USB.

white adjustable desk with pedestal