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White loft office slim bookcase


Necessary in your office - bookcases

Books, document files, binders, boxes of office supplies - bookcases will hold everything you need in your daily duties. However, they don't have to be boring furniture without expression. The wood and metal we use to create our recorders will bring an air of nature and warmth to your office, as well as a loft character.

Recorders that create a unique space

We have developed unconventional furniture, combining a variety of modules and materials and playing with symmetry. You can choose a register with open shelves or one whose part of the shelves is hidden by a closed door - according to your individual needs. The collection harmonizes perfectly with the rest of our office furniture, but each bookcase will also work well as a standalone piece of furniture - in the living room, study or bedroom.

Document bookcases - elegance and functionality

Are you looking for a document bookcase that will not only emphasize the aesthetics of your space, but also take care of document storage? We have the solution!Document racks are extremely popular. They combine minimalist design with functionality, creating a versatile solution for storing documents, binders. This versatility makes our cabinets perfect for offices, but also living rooms, bedrooms or children's rooms.

Clockable document rack - security and privacy of your documents

Today, protecting the confidentiality of documents becomes very important, even a priority, so we have a solution for that! Clockable document rack is not only an aesthetic element, but also a practical one that allows you to safely store important files or confidential information. Thanks to its lockable fronts, the cabinet not only protects your documents, but also gives your interior a tidy look.

document rack lockable

document rack lockable

Loft document rack - design and functionality

For those who want to bring a touch of industrial style to the office, the document rack is the perfect solution. Characterized by raw materials, wooden accents and an open and closed design, the document file cabinet impresses with its striking appearance in the office space and offers a functional place to store binders, documents, books, memorabiliaWith precisely designed shelves, drawers, dedicated places for binders, such a bookcase helps to keep order among documents.The aesthetic appearance of the document file cabinet makes it not only practical, but also a stylish addition to any interior.

document rack

document rack

Document and file racks - work organization

Document rack is also designed for acts and documents. The use of appropriate shelves, drawers or binders makes the document rack an ideal tool for keeping documentation in order.

Document rack black - elegance in a tone of minimalism

Document rack black is the choice for those who are looking for a contrasting accent in the office. Its elegant color blends perfectly with various design styles (loft, industrial, modern), adding a sophisticated touch to the room.Wondering what are the latest trends in office accessories and furniture? Do you want to find out what bookcases will be fashionable in the coming year? Read our blog regularly to stay up to date with news and inspiration on office arrangement! Check out our unique bookcases. One of them is sure to delight you.

document bookcase black

document bookcase black


white office bookcase