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Elegant office furniture for roofing leader BLACHY PRUSZYŃSKI-NOWICKI

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Why should you bet on products from Pruszyński – Nowicki?

The company Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki is part of the Pruszyński Group, which is the largest manufacturer of steel roofing and facade roofing.

It stands out for its high-quality assortment, years of experience, and comprehensive and reliable customer service. Pruszyński – Nowicki company is a brand that puts the requirements of architects and the needs of its customers at the forefront. Each of the offered products is individually created to the customer’s order, and all products have the appropriate technical and hygienic approvals, and meet the quality requirements that are specified for building products. Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki is a company with character and an amazing history that has developed the Polish roofing market on a global scale.

We are proud that, as Deerhorn, we were able to furnish the corporate interiors of such a powerful brand.

Pruszyñski Sheet Metal Nowicki
Pruszyñski Sheet Metal Nowicki

👉Deerhorndeskat Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki – creating a unique environment👈.

White oak wood desk at Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki is one of the top products of our brand, which furnished the company’s interior. The furniture was made from the highest quality raw materials, namely natural oak wood and durable and solid metal construction. We protected the wooden elements with natural oil wax, which provides protection against stains from coffee, tea or other drinks. The powder-coated metal construction highlights the craftsmanship of our desk, and combined with the wooden top, it creates a perfect whole.

Our white office desks from Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki are an investment in functional, timeless and designer products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. As a Deerhorn company, we use natural oak wood for the production of our furniture, and this means that white company desks, in addition to their many advantages, are distinguished by the use of a noble material that significantly affects the atmosphere in the interior.

Wood is a natural beauty that adds elegance and timelessness to rooms and contributes to the comfort of users. Wood influences a sense of connection and harmony with nature, and thus has a positive effect on focus and concentration, making workers more productive and efficient. In addition, wood creates an inspiring environment, which can contribute to increased creativity, as well as user comfort.

The Deerhorn desk at the office of Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki also ensures a durable and damage- and abrasion-resistant product for everyday use.

An office desk with metal legs from Deerhorn also furnished the president’s office. The desk for the office of the president of Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki, in addition to a comfortable place to work and talk with clients or business partners, also added elegance, freshness and timeless style to the interior. Modern desks with a pedestal have a great impact on the company’s image and show that Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki choose quality, attention to detail and focus on unconventional solutions with character.

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corner desk with blends and pedestal
White desks for office Blachy Pruszyński Nowicki from Deerhorn

Desk pedestal – document organization

White office desks and black office desks have been equipped by us with functional and practical pedestals, which significantly affect the comfort of use. Capacious oak desk cabinet will accommodate a lot of necessary items or important documents that you should have at your fingertips. Multifunctional desk pedestal white with wood will be perfect as a storage compartment for folders, binders or notebooks.

Our pedestal has drawers, shelves, as well as an open space for a desktop computer or purse. The large pedestal top provides additional space for a printer or other devices, as well as interior decorations. Such solutions greatly facilitate the organization of work for all employees and business owners.

Our stylish desk pedestals feature aluminum handles for easy and convenient closing and opening. Another advantage is the reliable slides installed for quiet self-closing and comfort of the furniture. Our wooden desk cabinethas many practical uses regardless of its form and size, so investing in this product is an excellent decision for years to come.

To meet the expectations of the market, each piece of furniture can be customized by us according to the individual needs and preferences of our customer. We offer an additional option in the form of installation of a key lock for the container. Such a choice will allow you to safely store any confidential documents and information. Our desk pedestals are practical solutions with aesthetics and unusual style.

desk pedestal with drawers
oak desk cabinet

Conference table black – meetings that are memorable

Another piece of furniture from our company that has furnished the corporate interiors of Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki is an industrial conference table with a wooden top. The modern black conference table is an ideal product for any stylish office, which will provide adequate space for corporate meetings, business meetings and discussions with potential clients. A conference room equipped with a massive, solidly made conference table black with metal takes on an original and timeless look and feel.

The same was the case with the realization for Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki. Our sturdy conference table for Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki, in addition to its functionality and solidity, is also characterized by precision workmanship and remarkable style and professional appearance. The thick top made of natural oak wood introduces a warm and friendly atmosphere, which makes work much more pleasant and comfortable.

Wood in the conference room also influences focus and concentration, and thus increases the efficiency of all users of the wood and metal table. The combination of natural oak wood and metal frame produces an original visual effect and creates the perfect conditions for innovative, entrepreneurial thinking.

The sturdy conference table for Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki is also equipped with cable holes. The warm, friendly color of the conference table helps build a positive image of the company, which is extremely important for all owners. Buying our conference table black is an excellent investment in efficiency, functionality and development of your business.

When ordering a conference table, you should also familiarize yourself with the accessories that our company has on offer and choose the most favorable option for you. An aluminum cable grommet is a great way to create a practical place to put cables and let them out under the furniture top. As a result, the conference table top is free of excessive wiring, which not only hinders the organization on the table top, but also affects the aesthetics in the interior. Beautifully finished cable grommets mounted in the table top area great and functional detail worth investing in.

table with chairs made of wood and metal
conference table black

Table with wooden top – natural charm in your office

The stylish, elegant black coffee table is another top product from our collection, which furnished the corporate interior of Blachy Pruszyński – Nowicki. Our office coffee table was created from the highest quality materials. Wood and metal in such a combination look phenomenal and very fashionable. Our designers have developed a unique model of coffee table that will appeal to all enthusiasts of beautiful interiors with a touch of originality.

A table with a wooden top surrounded by comfortable chairs has become the perfect place to rest, relax and drink coffee. Coffee table black with wood is not only a practical piece of furniture at which you can spend social time together with your business partner or client, but also an aesthetic element of any modern interior.

Our coffee table will be perfect not only in an office or study, but also in an intimate home office, living room, bedroom or living room. It is a bestselling product that can become a showpiece of industrial interiors, as well as provide a comfortable space for any occasion. A multifunctional piece of furniture made of wood and metal with a small size is a natural charm of corporate spaces.

black coffee table
coffee table black

Which roof to choose? Types of roofs

The choice of roof when making a project is not always obvious and clear-cut. Much depends on the legal requirements, which are found in the local development plan (MZPZ), and when it has not been enacted, all the information is contained in the development conditions (WZ). In many cases, the municipality dictates the shape of the roof for a development, so before choosing the shape of the house, it is worth verifying the requirements of the institution in the area.

The Polish landscape is dominated by steep roofs in a variety of varieties, although flat roofs are also returning to favor.

Which roof to choose?

When you opt for a flat roof, you get two functions in one. Flat roofs work well as ceilings over the top floor, as well as roofs themselves, which is why they are often also called flat roofs. The name indicates that this type of roof is flat, but they are not perfectly flat. It is necessary to maintain a slope from a minimum of 3o to a maximum of 11o – 12o.

In the case of steep roofs, there are several varieties, among which we can mention: mono-pitched roofs, gable roofs, hipped roofs, hipped roofs, cradle roofs, mansard roofs, as well as multi-pitched roofs.

Mono-pitched roofs are otherwise known as mono-pitched or pent roofs. They are distinguished by the fact that they have only one slope and are rarely used in single-family construction, although this is not excluded. More often, however, monopitch roofs cover outbuildings.

Pitched roofs, or gable roof s, are built with two rectangular roof slopes joined at a ridge parallel to the width of the building. They are distinguished by the fact that a building with a gable roof has two triangular gable walls, and the attic is easily adapted for residential purposes. Pitched roofs are used as covering materials for traditional and minimalist single-family houses.

There are also hipped roofs called hipped roofs – envelope roofs and tent roofs. Envelope roofs consist of two trapezoidal-shaped slopes and another two triangular-shaped slopes. All slopes converge at a longitudinal ridge. Tent roofs, on the other hand, have four triangular slopes that converge at a single point.

Another type of roof is the topped roof, which can often be found in mountainous areas. It’s a pitched roof that has chamfered corners of the slope called a dormer. The headers perfectly add variety to the appearance of the roof, and also perform important practical functions. Collector roofs have two slopes based on a semicircular design and are characterized by their original appearance.

Mansard roofs are a combination of two or four slopes, where each slope is further broken at a different angle. This type of roof is used less and less in modern construction.

Multi-slope roofs also called multi-slope roofs are built with multiple slopes in the shape of triangles, rectangles, trapezoids or parallelograms. This type of roof is the most grandiose and is sure to appeal to all lovers of timeless solutions.

How to choose the color of the sheet metal roof to match the style of the house and the environment?

The choice of sheet metal roof color is very important and significantly affects the appearance of the building itself and its surroundings.

What to suggest when choosing a sheet metal roof color?

What trends to follow when installing a roof? Modern barn-shaped buildings are recently a very popular choice of a significant number of investors. In this case , the combination of an unusual body and interesting colors of the facade with subdued shades of the roof – gray, black and white – works well.

Investors also often opt for Elegant, subtle and timeless solutions in the form of flat roof tiles in neutral, yet fashionable and stylish colors – anthracite, graphite or gray. Those with a passion for slightly more daring solutions often opt for a distinctive color scheme – navy blue, red or maroon.

The market’s wide range of products could not miss an assortment aimed at all those who appreciate dynamics and modern design. In such a situation, trapezoidal sheet metal will work well, which perfectly gives dynamism to the object especially in shades of gray or heading for contrasting solutions full of freshness, so shades of anthracite, graphite or black.

If there are lovers of classic style and harmonious solutions among investors , they will certainly bet on standing seam roof panels. In this case, it is worth betting on natural colors, i.e. browns, beiges or greens, which will greatly enhance the traditional appearance of the object.

Investors who prefer more modern solutions with a touch of originality will be happy to choose a color scheme in shades of white, gray or black. It is very important that the choice of roof color perfectly harmonizes with the style of the house and the area around the building.

There are many aspects that affect the final choice of color. Some will be guided by current trends and modernity, while others will opt for subdued and classic solutions. When choosing the color of the roof, it is also worthwhile to enlist the help of professionals in the industry, who will comprehensively present the most favorable ideas and possibilities for the object.

Watch the video about the corner desk with under-top covers and learn about its advantages 😃

Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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