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Loft Office Plus 160×70 corner desk


Loft desk 140x70cm with wooden top.


Corner desk with wooden top Corner Desk


Loft Office 160x80cm oak top desk


Loft Office Plus Right Desk with Wooden Top


Loft desk with wooden top 160x70cm FREE basket


Industrial desk with oak top “loft office”


Loft office plus desk. FREE premium basket


Future active style corner desk


Electric desk with wooden top 140x70cm


Loft desk 140x70cm with wooden top and blends


Desk with wooden top and drawers


Desk with wooden top 140x80cm


Desk with height adjustment and wooden top 160x70cm


Wooden desk with drawers


Corner desk with wooden top loft 160x70cm


Loft desk 150x70cm with wooden top


Modern Office wood and metal corner desk left


Wood and metal loft corner desk modern office right


Desk with wooden top “loft office plus” Short


Loft Office Plus Left Desk with Wooden Top


Loft desk 160x70cm with wooden top and blends


White loft desk 140x70cm with wooden top


Loft desk 180x80cm with wooden top. Loft office


Desk with flat wooden top 160x70cm. Slim


The ideal work space begins with the desk

Desks, which are the focal point of everyday life, are of great importance to the comfort and efficiency of our work. Additionally, if you think of yourself as an office worker then you spend about 1,900 hours a year at your desk. Almost 1/3 of your life! Wouldn't it be worth it to make this time pass as pleasantly as possible for you? And as efficiently as possible?Whether you do programming, edit books, are an illustrator or an artistic jewelry maker - every day you sit down at your desk to do your tasks. You lock yourself in a small space, looking for focus, energy, inspiration.Did you know that the environment in which you work has a huge impact on you? Therefore, when choosing furniture for the office, bet on materials that bring a feeling of comfort.

pedestal desks with drawers


Wood desk - a focal point for work and inspiration

Wood desk can become an important point of your work, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Ourwood loft desk is a high-quality product, which was created from natural oak wood and powder-coated metal construction.Oak wood, thanks to its numerous properties, will make your workspace extremely comfortable. Desk, with a properly designed wooden desk top, can improve the ergonomics of your work, contributing to reducing fatigue and back pain. Our wooden desk was created with ergonomic principles and practical solutions in mind, which is why it so often furnishes the interiors of offices, offices, homes and apartments of our customers.Timber is a wonderful raw material that causes a warm and friendly atmosphere to be created in the interior, and the prevailing climate affects comfort and concentration while performing your tasks. Timber desk is both an investment in an ergonomic and comfortable product, which, because of the materials, will serve its owners for many years.We protected the raw wood with natural oil wax, which perfectly protects the surface of the wood, and also protects its interior. Oil wax gives a slightly honey color, so that all the grain and natural appearance of the wood is preserved.

Effective organization of office space with loft desk and industrial desk

Loft desk and industrial desk are not just furniture - they are stylish, ready-made solutions that raise the standards of use in terms of both functionality and design. You can easily organize your office space effectively by choosing loft desk orindustrial desk.Our loft desk looks perfect as a single product, but also works well with other furniture of our production. It helps in perfect organization of your workspace and stylish space.

loft desk black with wooden top

loft desk

Optimistic choice of desk - it's all in your hands

When choosing a desk, think about its functionality and adaptation to your needs. Carefully selected, for example, a narrow desk can positively affect your productivity, inspiration and overall well-being during the long hours spent on tasks.Our loft desk is made both in standard sizes, as well as produce furniture to size.For us, the customer is the most important thing, so loft desk can be configured in such a way that our Recipients receive a piece of furniture that meets all their expectations. Massive top protected from stains and scratches and abrasions, as well as solid metal construction is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction with the daily use of the furniture. That's why it's worth investing in quality, choosing our furniture that meets your expectations both in terms of style and comfort.

Deerhorn slim desk