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Large desk

Loft Office Plus 160×70 corner desk


Corner desk with wooden top Corner Desk


Loft Office 160x80cm oak top desk


Loft Office Plus Right Desk with Wooden Top


Loft desk with wooden top 160x70cm FREE basket


Industrial desk with oak top “loft office”


Loft office plus desk. FREE premium basket


Future active style corner desk


Desk with wooden top and drawers


Desk with wooden top 140x80cm


Desk with height adjustment and wooden top 160x70cm


Corner desk with wooden top loft 160x70cm


Loft desk 150x70cm with wooden top


Modern Office wood and metal corner desk left


Wood and metal loft corner desk modern office right


Loft Office Plus Left Desk with Wooden Top


Loft desk 160x70cm with wooden top and blends


Loft desk 180x80cm with wooden top. Loft office


Desk with flat wooden top 160x70cm. Slim


Loft desk 150x60cm with wooden top.


Corner desk with wooden top loft 180x70cm


Black loft office slim desk


Desk in white 160x70cm with wooden top


White Loft Office Plus left corner desk


White industrial corner desk with oak top


Large desk - the perfect solution for a spacious office

Do you know why many people choose a large desk for work or study? Then now imagine that you are sitting at it. You feel the comfort and pleasure of your work. You have documents spread out all around you and everything important is at hand. It is at a large desk that you have the opportunity to develop your ideas or indulge in relaxation.



Reasons to invest in a large desk

A large desk is first and foremost a larger work surface. Such a surface offers significantly more space to work. If you work with a lot of documents then a large desk will be most suitable.

  • large desk means much better comfort and ergonomics of work. It allows you to spread out many documents, extra keyboard, mouse, laptop
  • on the larger surface of desk you can do many tasks. You can have your laptop open, documents or even a book.
  • a large desk can also be used for meetings if you work with a team.
  • it can be a decorative element in the room


desk with slanted legs