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Designer sofa in bottle green color for modern interiors

bottle green sofa on wooden legs
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small fabric sofa in green
small sofa

Small sofa – great possibilities in a small space

Our 140 sofa will fit perfectly into any small office or home space. The small sofa by Deerhorn is an extremely functional piece of lounge furniture, which, due to its practical, ergonomic size, will be ideal as a place to work, an area to talk to potential clients or a space to drink a good cup of coffee in the company of business partners or guests.

sofa 140 green

Our velour sofa gives great possibilities in a small space due to its functionality and quality. The green sofa is a combination of natural oak wood and velour upholstery, which not only looks great, but will also serve its owners for many years.

Luxurious combination of wood and velour of very good quality thanks to innovative production technologies allowed us to create a piece of furniture for all enthusiasts of original solutions in stylish interiors.

Upholstered sofa – highlight the individuality of your interior

Bottle green sofa will perfectly emphasize the individuality of your interior. Office velour sofa is a designer piece of furniture, which, thanks to its wooden elements, brings a lot of good energy and positive atmosphere to the interior.

Wood is one of the oldest materials that was highly valued and very often used by our ancestors. It is distinguished by excellent strength and robustness, and additionally protected with natural oil wax it gains even greater resistance to damage, stains and abrasion. Upholstered sofa bottle green will create the atmosphere that every lover of beautiful interiors dreams of, as it will bring a lot of elegance, great style and freshness.

velour sofa in bottle green color
velour sofa

Bottle green sofa – bring your interior to life

The color scheme of the furniture is of great importance in creating comfortable and designer interiors. Bottle green sofas will add a lot of energy and freshness to all modern interiors, and will take care of the original character and unique style. The bottle green sofa will help create an inspiring environment that will contribute to greater creativity and productivity when spending hours surrounded by the furniture.

The green couch will certainly enhance the brand while building the company’s image, but will also highlight the good taste of the owners. Our velour sofas look great surrounded by industrial coffee tables of our production or small auxiliary tables. Our bottle green sofa and hallway console is also a great duo that not only looks sensational, but is also very practical and functional for everyday use.

small fabric sofa in green
small sofa

designer sofa in bottle green – gallery 08.03.2024

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Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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