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Closet with shelves white SLIM for modern interiors in Scandinavian, boho style

white closed cabinet, front view
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office cabinet with shelves for documents and binders
office cabinet with shelves

Cabinet with premium shelves as a basic element of modern interiors

A solid closet by Deerhorn is an ideal choice for modern interiors arranged in industrial, loft or Scandinavian style. Our closet with shelves, like the rest of the furniture of our production, was created from the highest quality natural oak wood, furniture board and metal elements.

From the very beginning, our employees made sure that the white SLIM locking cabinet meets all standards of functionality and aesthetics and is one of the most popular products on the furniture market. A large white closet will accommodate a lot of necessary documents and company items, and thus allow you to take care of harmony, as well as order in the office or study.

Our white office closet will therefore be ideal as a filing cabinet and an office closet for documents, folders or books. The lockable office closet will also provide security and take care of the privacy of the items placed in it. Very often our closet with shelves is also placed in living rooms, bedrooms and youth or children’s rooms in homes with a touch of modern style.

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white closed cabinet, front view
white lockable cabinet

Closet with shelves industrial, that is, top quality in every version from the Polish manufacturer

Our white closet with shelves is a closet made of oak wood, which brings a lot of warmth, friendly atmosphere and good energy to the interior. Wood is calming, affects focus, and thus efficiency and productivity at work for everyone in the room. The office cabinet with shelves was made of great quality materials using modern technology, in which the precision of each component is at the highest level.

Attention to detail is certainly our hallmark. We appreciate the beautiful finishes of our furniture in excellent quality. The closet with shelves has also been properly designed and made in such a way that we can be proud of it.
Very often, the office locking cabinet furnishes the interiors of enthusiasts of thoughtful interiors with character and amazing design. In addition to great design and practicality, our shelving cabinet is also distinguished by its minimalism and elegance.

Closable office cabinet it’s bespoke closetwhich our company will make according to the needs and preferences of each customer, so before you place an order yourself on our website, you can contact us and take advantage of the assistance of our qualified staff, who will be happy to present our solutions and advise you on the final choice wood and metal furniture from Deerhorn brand.

file cabinet with wooden shelves
file cabinet

closet with shelves – gallery 17.02.2024

See a video about a closet with shelves

Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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