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A 160×70 adjustable desk that will keep you working ergonomically and comfortable all day long!

wooden gaming desk with solid top
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adjustable desks with wooden top and laptop stand
adjustable desks

Adjustable desks vs. a balanced lifestyle

Many hours of sedentary work is not good for our health. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with this topic and doing everything you can to make your workplace a space where, in addition to performing your duties, you can also take care of your health.

Such a solution is certainly the premiumelectric adjustable desk from Deerhorn, which has become one of our brand’s top products thanks to its functionality. The electrically raised desk was created from the highest quality raw materials.

We used natural materials for the furniture, namely solid oak wood and metal construction. This combination makes our adjustable computer desk a durable and sturdy product for years to come, which allows you to take care of the health of each user’s spine .

adjustable desks for standing work

Many hours of work in one position negatively affects the employee, so it is very important to invest in a desks , which have built-in features to support the health of users. What can we count among such functions? First of all, it is very helpful to be reminded to change position from sitting to standing and vice versa.

In addition, monitoring of physical activity is also a great solution, as well as integration with applications for monitoring the health of the furniture’s users. Such features significantly affect the ability to observe health, and thus improve well-being and comfort in daily activities.

It is worth remembering that a balanced lifestyle plays a special function, as it allows each employee to be fully active, productive and efficient while working. Deerhorn ergonomic adjustable desk is an ideal choice both in terms of creating comfortable working conditions and aesthetically pleasing interiors with character.

Our adjustable electric desk is the perfect choice for all lovers of minimalist solutions who appreciate attention to detail. Our 160×70 adjustable wooden desk can also come in other sizes, as we carry out orders for individual customer orders. This allows our Recipients to focus even more on creating their dream space, which will include a sustainable lifestyle in addition to work.

Our modern and ecological designs of adjustable desks are a proposal for the current needs of the furniture market, as customers are increasingly paying attention to the quality of the materials used to make furniture , precise workmanship and aesthetics.

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Height-adjustable desks raised for standing work
height adjustable desks

Adjustable desks in schools and educational institutions

Electrically adjustable desks from Deerhornare ergonomic products that are perfect for schools and educational institutions. Students spend many hours each day in schools to acquire knowledge and develop on various levels. Uncomfortable and often mismatched to the student’s height, benches and chairs negatively affect the comfort and health of users.

School-age students are growing and their bodies are gradually developing, so during this period it is very important to create perfectly fitting desks and chairs for each child or teenager. The oakelectric desk from a Polish manufacturer is a one-button lift desk. The electrically adjustable desk has a high-quality control panel that is used to change the position of the tabletop.

Adjustable desks are very intuitive to use, so surely any student can easily manage to set the height of the tabletop to the level that will be most beneficial to him. Our electric height-adjustable desk works in the range of 60 cm – 124 cm without a top and has been equipped with an anti-collision system, so when it encounters an obstacle, the drive automatically shuts off. This is a great option, especially when the furniture is handled by a child or teenager.

Oak electric desk with space for laptop and accessories

The adjustable height desk from Deerhorn, in addition to its excellent functionality, is distinguished by the eco-friendly materials used in the manufacturing process. Our electric desks were created from a combination of natural oak wood and solid metal construction, and such a duo is very beneficial to the atmosphere of the environment.

Adjustable desks with wooden tops bring a lot of warmth and friendly atmosphere to the interior. Oak wood in interiors has a positive effect on focus, concentration, and thus productivity and efficiency in carrying out one’s tasks and in acquiring knowledge. Open-mindedness through connectivity and harmony with nature are other advantages that show that it is worth investing in our height-adjustable desks made of wood and metal and equip educational institutions in Poland and abroad with them.

Our adjustable desks have also been properly protected against stains from coffee, tea or other beverages, as well as ink stains or other dirt. The wood in the process of oilingwith natural oil wax also gained protection from abrasion, damage and external factors. Such a comprehensively created 160×70 adjustable desk is an ideal choice for studying, solving tasks and developing your passions and interests.

160x70 adjustable desk with black electric frame
160×70 adjustable desk

Adjustable desks vs. hybrid work practices

The adjustable desk by Deerhorn is a high-quality product that is also ideal as a piece of furniture for hybrid work. Any adult can fit desk with adjustable top to his or her height and enjoy comfort while working in a seated position. In addition, our height adjustable desk is also a standing desk , which you can adjust to your individual needs in an instant.

The adjustable desk will work in many environments and many interiors. The adjustable desk, due to the raw materials used in the production process, namely wood and metal, will perfectly fit into any designer interior arranged in loft, industrial and Scandinavian style.
With its subdued color scheme, the height-adjustable desk from Deerhorn can furnish spaces where the owners will set their sights on the
accessories in strong, intense colors, as well as decorations or objects with different textures. Our adjustable desk due to
functional desk accessories will prove to be a piece of furniture for all lovers of ergonomic solutions.

wood and board laptop desk stand

Adjustable electric desk and laptop desk stand is a great combination that will significantly improve work and at the same time add an original look to the entire interior. The desk extension, made with attention to every detail, will perfectly complement the adjustable desk and give the user additional space for small items and gadgets.

Our adjustable desk is an ideal choice not only as a piece of furniture for hybrid work, but will also work well as a wooden gaming desk for adults and children. The ability to adjust the tabletop means that every gaming enthusiast will get what has always been their dream on the market.

We can also make 160×70 adjustable gaming desks in other sizes, as well as in other configurations. We offer many interesting and practical desk accessories, including but not limited to: a recessed desk extension cable with USB-C and a desk cable grommet , which will help keep your desk neat and tidy.

The harmony under the desk and around the furniture will certainly be taken care of by our next suggestion, which is a vertical cable channel or a horizontal cable strip. Thanks to this possibility, all the wiring will be perfectly hidden in one place, which will not only positively affect the appearance of the space, but also improve the process of cleaning the room.

If you’re looking for additional solutions and options, take a look at the other desk accessories from Deerhorn and configure an adjustable desk according to your needs and preferences, and we’ll do the due diligence for you.

electrically adjustable desks for standing work
electrically adjustable desks

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  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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