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Black 180×70 corner desk from the Modern Office collection – match it to your workspace!

large corner desk with under-top cover
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corner desk with bookcase and shelves
corner desk with bookcase

Corner desk in modern form for a stylish office

Our large corner desk from the Modern Office collection will decorate the interiors of all designer offices and offices arranged in loft, industrial and Scandinavian style. The corner desk with book case was created from excellent materials that guarantee great quality, durability and solidity of the product. Our classic desk is a combination of natural oak wood, furniture board and durable metal construction.

loft corner desk, front view

Each of these materials has been properly combined with each other, and the whole looks great. Industrial corner desks in black are in a class of their own, which is very often used by enthusiasts of beautiful and subdued interiors.

Minimalist and at the same time very functional corner computer desk has been refined by us in every aspect, and its overall design makes an amazing visual impression.

As a Polish manufacturer of wood and metal furniture , we focus on every detail because we want our corner black desk to be fully functional, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly and to please its Owners every day.

Premium modern desk for office, study

Modern corner desk 180×70 from the Modern Office collection is a desk that is distinguished by many aspects that facilitate daily work and organization of one’s activities. The desk’s large and massive top provides enough space to place necessary items on it.

This model is also equipped with a practical desk extension. The corner desk with an extension not only looks great, but also provides comfort and ergonomics when spending many hours sitting. With a desk extension , you can place your laptop or monitor at eye level and thus ensure proper posture. In addition, under the extension to the desk, each User of the furniture gains additional space, which can be developed in a customized way.

In addition, our loft corner desk also has a large and practical bookcase, where you can place folders, binders or various items. Many of our customers, in order to ensure consistency and identical design, choose our corner desk with a bookcase and on the shelves place boxes that match in size and design, which contain the necessary things.

The corner desk from the Modern Office collection has also been equipped with masking blends, covers that have been installed under the wooden top. Such masking blends not only affect aesthetics and great design, but also provide comfort, freedom and safety when using the desk. All the mentioned furniture elements show that our corner desk with bookcase is a premium product.

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corner desk black – gallery 16.03.2024

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  • oak wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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