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Furniture for the modern office at Ceneco – with a passion for design and a commitment to quality

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office cabinet behind black fronts and wooden body
office file cabinet

👉Loft officefurniturecreates a new style standard👈.

Our company had the pleasure of co-creating the interior of a unique place on the map of Poland, which is the Ceneco . Ceneco perfectly identifies with Deerhorn’s ecological values, so we are all the more pleased to see such a fruitful cooperation.


Ceneco helps companies and retailers effectively reduce waste, and is committed to promoting sustainability. Before being sold for further use, Ceneco’s used clothing wholesalers are meticulously separated by material and condition.

Sorting office, used clothes wholesaler

Branded second-hand clothes are properly sorted, stored and sold by Ceneco, so that the clothes are put back into circulation and can be used by new owners. Reusable items are reused, and those items that are unusable, damaged Ceneco recycles.

Ceneco offers a wide range of clothing at competitive prices.

Ceneco’s store is equipped with a wide selection of second-hand products, where every fashion and ecology enthusiast is sure to find something for themselves. The company’s owners, who value eco-friendly solutions, were eager to equip their headquarters with solid wood office furniture of our production.

It’s an investment in exclusive aesthetics in the office, as well as the rawness of metal and the elegance of wood. Such a combination gives the interiors an original and timeless look, and being in their surroundings affects concentration, focus and comfort at work. The materials we have chosen are not random. Natural oak wood is a unique raw material that brings a lot of harmony, peace and positive vibrations to the interior.

Metal elements perfectly blend with the rawness of wood and create a remarkable atmosphere in an industrial, loft design.

Remember that you can watch all product videos on our channel 👉YouTube👈.

oak pedestal for loft desk
corner office with container

Desk for office, study – combining efficiency with elegance

Our computer work desk is an investment in an ergonomic product that significantly affects the convenience, comfort of use and the health of the spine or eyesight. Modern wooden desk for office from Deerhorn has properly adjusted dimensions to its users, so that many hours of work at the furniture is not tiring.

At the customer’s request, the top on the seating side was undercut. This gives the desk a more modern and stylish look and affects the comfort of the user.

Two-person oak desk with pedestal provides enough space for work, as well as for storing necessary documents or files. The pedestal has been modified so that two people can use it. Our desk for office, study is a functional solution that facilitates organization and thus increases the productivity of employees.

Office desk with wooden top is a desk with mediaport, so it is a modern solution designed to increase your efficiency and streamline your daily tasks and duties. High-quality corner desk with pedestal is our bestseller on the furniture market, which is perfect for offices, cabinets, open spaces, as well as public institutions.

The solid wood desk will also work well as a piece of furniture for a teenager’s room or an intimate home office. Our sturdy desk with space for a printer or other device is a combination of efficiency and incredible elegance. The wood and metal pedestal desk will blend into any stylish space where an employee, owner or other person will enjoy spending time.

Creating a comfortable working environment significantly improves the quality of activities and commitment to each subsequent task.

desk with thick wooden top
modern wooden desk for office

Closable office file cabinet – work organization and privacy in one place

Closable office file cabinet is another piece of furniture in our collection, which was created from the highest quality raw materials. It’s ideal for any stylish office or study, providing ample storage space for documents, folders or binders, as well as many other important items.

The lockable office filing cabinet will ensure proper organization of documents, as well as order and harmony not only in the cabinet, but also throughout the office. Lockable office filing cabinet is a guarantee of security and privacy of stored items or important documents.

It is an extremely necessary and functional solution in any office or office, as well as in a house or apartment. In addition to its practical function, our file cabinet for the office is also an original element of interior design. The classic black and wood-colored elements blend perfectly with any design space and create a unique atmosphere, as well as a timeless style.

black cabinets for office for documents
file cabinet for office

Solid wood office furniture as a decorative element

Our realization for Ceneco is a combination of premium furniture of the highest quality, which fits perfectly in modern interiors with character. Loft office furniture from Deerhorn is an investment in the interior future, which will significantly gain in value and make such elegant finishes of corporate spaces encourage business partners and potential customers to undertake joint activities or take advantage of the offer.

The elegant and stylish interiors of the company’s headquarters show that for the company, quality, attention to detail and unconventional design matter. In addition, our loft office furniture is a combination of natural oak wood and durable and sturdy powder-coated metal construction.

From the very beginning, our company has been guided by the creation of furniture in accordance with the principle of zero waste. Ecology, ergonomics, functionality and attention to detail are our priorities, which we follow every day.

In our offer every enthusiast of beautiful, designer and ecological solutions will find the premium furniture of their dreams.

Surplus inventory of apparel brands

Ceneco specializes in buying up surplus apparel brands and then focuses on giving those surplus brands a new purpose and plan. Such actions mean that the amount of waste is significantly reduced, and companies that cooperate with Ceneco used clothing and accessories gain an alternative to reduce their environmental impact.

Excess inventory of apparel brands is a very common occurrence that Ceneco is successively reviewing and reducing. This allows each recipient to take advantage of the option of cheap clothes with tags and give clothes a second life. Original second-hand clothing is now a great trend not only among teenagers, but also among adults or children.

Modern used original clothing is both saving money and helping the environment around us.

surplus clothing
surplus of clothes

A chain of second-hand clothing stores

Ceneco is first and foremost a chain of second-hand clothing stores that stands out for its professionalism, effective plan and its own fleet of cars and trailers. Ceneco has second-hand men’s clothes, second-hand women’s clothes, second-hand children’s clothes and many uncommon accessories.

Premium used clothes find a wide audience every time, and no wonder, since their quality makes them usable for a very long time. Second-hand clothes are brand-name clothes for pennies, which will steal the hearts of all lovers of unconventional clothing for any occasion.

second hand store
second hand store

Where to buy used clothes for trade?

Nowadays, second-hand clothing online is very popular and also makes the buyer contribute to promoting a sustainable approach to fashion and thus caring for the environment around us. If you’re wondering where to buy used clothes for trade, you can stock up at stationary wholesalers, as well as sorting and buying warehouses.

Ceneco transports used clothes from Germany, used clothes from England, used clothes from the USA and used clothes from Scandinavia. Second-hand clothes from Germany, England, USA or Scandinavia are distinguished by their high quality, which allows for long use by many owners.

building for second-hand clothing store
second hand clothes

Transport of used clothes

Ceneco, focusing on full professionalism and continuous development, has launched used clothing transportation services. Modern, high-tech trucks and trailers that save fuel and guarantee the highest level of safety equip the company’s fleet and proudly travel hundreds of kilometers every day.

In-house transportation has certainly streamlined Ceneco’s operations, and they pick up any surplus clothing themselves. Comprehensive logistics service is an important element that allows Ceneco to approach each order on an individual basis and carry out shipments over different distances, to different countries.

This makes Ceneco a reliable transportation and shipping partner picking up and delivering brand-name clothes for pennies.

fleet cars


Check out the video about the desk and its benefits 😃


Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

  • wood has a very high hardness, so it is resistant to mechanical damage
  • brings a natural and warm character to any interior
  • our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • we offer the possibility of personalization of our furniture, which allows customers to create a desk perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements

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