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Forbes – List of the 100 richest Poles 2024. Deerhorn advertising in one of the most popular monthly business magazines

Forbes list of the 100 richest 2024
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Forbes list of the richest
Forbes list of the richest

Deerhorn furniture with advertising among the 100 richest Poles – ergonomics, quality, prestige

Forbes is one of the favorite monthly magazines of many entrepreneurs and people who are interested in business. This highly prestigious economic magazine conveys a lot of reliable and comprehensive economic information, but not only. The abundance of inspiring content and knowledge that can be acquired allows each reader to observe the doings of influential businesses, and broaden their horizons on a wide scale.

The list of the richest 2024

Like last year, as a Deerhorn company, we are not indifferent to the nationwide giants of business and also want to take an active part and be inspired by such great personalities, which is why we placed information about our company next to the 100 Richest Poles 2024. It is an incredible honor and distinction for us to be able to showcase our offerings to such a great group.

Quality matters to us – Deerhorn furniture among business giants

As a Deerhorn company, from the very beginning we have been focusing on the quality of our products and excellent service to the customer who has trusted us and purchased a product from us. Already at the planning stage of each product, our team is meticulously involved in the various activities to realize the project at the highest level.

We use natural oak wood and metal construction for our furniture. Such raw materials make Deerhorn furniture solid, durable and timeless. In addition to excellent quality , we are also distinguished by ergonomic solutions, and each of our customers has a comfortable and functional set in their office, office or home.

The oak wood used in the manufacturing process is comprehensively protected by us with natural oil wax, which protects the surface from coffee or tea stains or from damage or abrasion. Our wood and metal furniture is also distinguished by incredible aesthetics of workmanship and attention to detail. Lovers of beautiful and original interior design are delighted with our products, which look great in any modern space arranged in loft, industrial and Scandinavian style.

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Forbes list of the richest
Forbes list of the richest

Impressive results of the richest Poles 2024 – places I – III

Forbes magazine posted this year’s list of the richest Poles, noting that the growth in the wealth of the leaders of the ranking increased by as much as 38 billion zlotys, or more than 15% compared to earlier in the year. The author of the article also stressed that in the near future it could be enough to make the entire list of the richest Poles filled with billionaires.

Michal Solowov maintained his position as the richest Pole of 2024 according to Forbes magazine. Poland’s richest man of 2023 defended his position and in a report compiled by Forbes magazine was again named the richest Pole this time in 2024. The magazine estimated its assets at a value of PLN 27.25 billion, a 5.4% increase over the previous year. The industries in which Michal Solowov is dominant are chemicals and energy. Michal Solowow is the owner of three thriving companies: Synthos, Barlinek and Cersanit. Synthos is a leading producer of synthetic rubber and polystyrene worldwide. Barlinek has made a name for itself with its floorboards, while Cersanit is the third European manufacturer of bathroom furnishings.

The second place on the list of the richest Poles went to the founder of the Dino chain of stores, Tomasz Biernacki. The wealth of the second richest Pole in 2024, according to the Forbes ranking, was valued at PLN 23.62 billion, a noticeable increase of 19%. Trade is an industry that has brought Biernacki excellent results, as evidenced by the fact that at the end of 2023 the Dino chain already had 2406 stores.

In third place is Jerzy Starak, who developed his fortune in the pharmaceutical industry and is Poland’s largest drugmaker, as well as the largest shareholder of a leading pharmaceutical company in Central and Eastern Europe. Its assets were valued at PLN 19.47 billion.

Forbes 2024 list of the richest Poles.
Forbes 2024 list of the richest Poles

Next richest Poles in 2024 according to Forbes magazine

Fourth place goes to Sebastian Kulczyk, whose wealth is valued at PLN 9.38 billion, and is in the investment and chemical industries. Sebastian Kulczyk is the son of Jan Kulczyk, who for many years was the richest Pole.

The fifth place, according to the Forbes ranking, is occupied by Boguslaw Cupial. It is noteworthy that its assets have increased by as much as 273% compared to last year, amounting to PLN 8.17 billion. Amazing progression made last year’s 27th. Ciupala’s place was swapped for fifth place this year. What does the former owner of the Wisła Kraków football club do? It is the sole owner of Tele-Fonika Kable S.A., which is a manufacturer of cables and wires, especially submarine cables used, among other things. In offshore photovoltaic farms.

The sixth place was taken by Dominika Kulczyk, that is, Jan Kulczyk’s daughter and Sebastian Kulczyk’s sister. According to the Forbes ranking, her fortune is PLN 8.05 billion and she is the largest shareholder in the listed company Polenergia, whose main task is to build offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Seventh place is occupied by Pawel Marchewka, who made his fortune in the gaming industry. He is chairman of Techland, a company that just produces computer games. Pavel Marchewka’s assets are valued at PLN 7.80 billion.

Eighth place goes to Zygmunt Solorz, who owns the Plus mobile network, is active in the media industry, and is also responsible for controlling the Pątnów – Adamów – Konin Power Plant Complex.

The ninth place belongs to Zbigniew and Mateusz Juroszek, who made their profits in the real estate and betting industries. Zbigniew Juroszek is the owner of the Cieszyn-based Atal Group, which specializes in residential construction, as well as office and retail/warehouse buildings. The chairman of the supervisory board is Mateusz Juroszek. Zbigniew Juroszek is also, among others. creator of the STS Group, which is a major player in the betting industry in Poland.

Tenth place went to Arkadiusz Muś, operating in the building materials industry, and his assets are valued at PLN 4.25 billion. The top ten richest Poles 2024, according to the Forbes ranking, is rounded out by the owner of Press Glass, which is one of the largest manufacturers of double glazing units in Europe.

List of the richest Poles 2024
List of the richest Poles 2024

Forbes for the furniture industry

In particular, our inspiration comes from people who have achieved great success in the furniture industry and were among the 100 richest Poles in this year’s Forbes ranking.

Place 18. occupied Bogdan and Elzbieta Kaczmarek, who achieved their result just in the furniture industry. These are private investors and owners, among others. furniture and mattress manufacturing plants in Central and Eastern Europe. According to the Forbes ranking, Bogdan and Elizabeth Kaczmarek’s wealth in 2024 is more than PLN 3.23 billion.

There was also a place for the furniture industry at position No. 30, and it was taken by Stanislaw Bienkowski, whose fortune is estimated at more than PLN 2.3 billion.

Grzegorz and Radoslaw Gugala are also representatives of the furniture industry, ranked 79th in this year’s Forbes ranking. location. Their assets, according to Forbes magazine, amount to PLN 1.2 billion.

Black Red White founder, or inspiration for Deerhorn

Tadeusz Chmiel, or the owner of Black Red White, is the founder of the world-famous and respected furniture company, who comes from a village 20 kilometers away from Bilgoraj – Chmielek. He is a person who in previous years was on the list of the 100 richest Poles according to the Forbes ranking. He is a remarkable figure and an important inspiration and role model for the founder of the Deerhorn brand. Rafal Pikul has an even more special approach to the person of Mr. Tadeusz, since our headquarters are located right in Bilgoraj. BRW’s owner has always shown that hard work is a guarantee of success. It is worthwhile to be inspired and motivated by such people who have achieved success in the field in which you also want to develop.

We encourage you to read the rest of the articles in the latest Forbes magazine.

Forbes 100 richest list – gallery 07.03.2024

Dlaczego meble z drewna do biura i gabinetu od Deerhorn – podsumowanie.

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