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What is a lamella? The laths are those pieces of wood that make up the countertop. In the photo above, we see a countertop made of narrow fins.

We protect the countertops with two layers of a mixture of natural oil and wax so that the wood does not absorb moisture and is stain resistant.

desks with wooden tops

desks with wooden tops

What is affected by the width of the fins? The width of the slats is mainly aesthetic value. So countertops with different fin widths differ in appearance and price.

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Why the difference in the price of countertops? Narrow lamella tops are made by machine. Most of the process is done by industrial carpentry equipment hence the low price. 90% of the oak countertops available on the market are just narrow lamella countertops.

Wooden countertops from wide elements are created using a different technique. In this case, we hand-select the boards after which we join them using a different technique than in the case of narrow lamella. The production process is longer. And the higher price is also affected by higher material costs.

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meble z drewnianymi blatami

As standard, we make furniture with oak tops of 18 and 38-40 mm thick.

Tops with a thickness of 18 mm have a lamella width of 40 mm (production of dressers, cabinets, Slim desks, bookcases, among others).

Tops with a thickness of 38-40 mm have a lamella width of 18-30 mm (production of desks, tables, RTV cabinets, among others).

drewniany blat na stół

Oak countertops made of wide boards.

blaty drewniane do biurek

On special order we make countertops from selected wide oak planks*. We fill the cracks with black resin.


*Temporary option not available. Please contact the customer service office.