The greatest ideas are formed at the desk. The austere wooden top allows you to feel an atmosphere of peace and harmony with the surrounding nature. Thus You will bring focus to your work, while for relaxation you will bring relaxation. You will feel health ohe impact of wood on the quality of work. The harshness of metal and heat natural wood will give the interior a cozy feel.

Surround yourself with modern desks by Deerhorn, made of metal i natural wood. Our office furniture is protected by our special Oil wax which perfectly preserves the wood. Coffee stains are not scary, tea, alcohol.

Premium loft industrial desks with delivery nationwide and abroad.

biurko z drewnianym blatem
biurko narożne z czarnymi płytami pod blatem
biurko premium z drewnianym blatem
biurko na czarnym ,etatowym stelażu, z drewnianym blatem i listwą pionową na kable


białe biurko z drewna i kontenerkiem po lewej stronie
nadstawka na biurko czarna z drewnem
stół konferencyjny loft z dużym blatem z drewna na trzech metalowych nogach


recepcja czarna z drewnem i kontenerkiem z uchwytami
biurko z szafką pod biurko
Industrial, 70×120 cm, white, office or cabinet? Find a desk for yourself.



Loft Office Plus 160×70 corner desk


Loft desk 140x70cm with wooden top.


Corner desk with wooden top Corner Desk


Loft Office Plus Right Desk with Wooden Top


Loft desk with wooden top 160x70cm FREE basket


Future active style corner desk


Electric desk with wooden top 140x70cm


Desk with flat wooden top 160x70cm. Slim


White desk with wooden top Loft Office Plus Left


Explore our oak wood and metal desks

We offer a wide range of office furniture, among which you will find premium oak and metal desks. Solid wood desk is a piece of furniture that will create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the interior, as well as give a sense of connection and harmony with nature.

The irreplaceable effect of ecological raw materials will affect your comfort and focus while performing your tasks at work or at home.

Wood furniture will never go out of style, not only for its timeless look, but also for its durability, sturdiness and strength. Wooden furniture is furniture that lasts for years and can even serve several generations.

What are wood countertops protected with?

In the production process, we do not forget to protect the solid wood by oiling with natural oils. Two coats of the highest quality preparation provide lasting resistance to stains and damage and beautifully enhance the natural appearance of the wood.

Office desk for the most demanding customers

Desk for the study will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Solid wood desk modern on the furniture market is distinguished by its functionality and practicality. Ergonomics at work is crucial in the daily performance of your duties, so investing in a comfortable desk on metal legs will be a hit.

What sizes are the desks available in?

We makedesks with wooden tops both in standard sizes and by special order.

What dimensions should be the top of the desk on which the computer is located?

Of course, everything depends on the needs and preferences of the furniture and the height of the user, but The desk top for children and people up to 170 cm tall should be between 70-75 cm. Above 170 cm in height, the optimal height should be between 80 and 85 cm.

However, it is worth remembering that before ordering a piece of furniture, check what kind of space you can allocate for it and evaluate how large a wooden countertop you need to do your work in full comfort.

What material is the desk top made of?

Our desks are made of wooden tops, which are 3.8 cm thick, making them stable, durable and solid. You should also consider the height of the desk, which is very important in terms of providing the right conditions for working or studying.

What height do the desks have?

Our desks in the standard version are 75 cm high, but in order to fully take care of the needs of our clients, we have introduced a desk with electric height adjustment.

Height-adjustable desk is one of our top products, which incredibly facilitates all employees or business owners in their daily functioning. The electrically raised desk is equipped with a modern push-button panel, so you can independently change the height of the top to suit your needs.

Height-controlled electrically adjustable desks

Height-adjustable corner desk or classic desk adjustable with the touch of a button allows you to adjust the height to your individual needs. The memory of up to four heights streamlines the change, so you can select one of the memorized heights with a click.

This model of desk can have a white or black color of the frames, and the load capacity of such a frame is a maximum load of 120 kg with an even load on the top.

What are the distinctive features of the desks from Deerhorn?

Our solid oak wood office desk is distinguished by its modern style and amazing design. Aesthetics is a priority for us.

As manufacturers of office and cabinet furniture, we pay special attention to the finishes in each piece of furniture. Attention to detail is incredibly important to us and shows that we are professionals in every sphere. We focus on even the smallest elements to highlight our passion for creating beautiful premium furniture.

Our self-closing drawers and lifetime warranty show that every element of the desk is well thought out and properly refined.

Another of our features is that we ship the desks as a whole, without bolting them together, so our customers receive a high-quality piece of furniture ready to use practically from taking it out of the package.

An investment in timeless premium furniture from Deerhorn is all about ecology, functionality and safety. The quality guarantee of our furniture makes customers who love prestigious space furnishings eager to shop at our store.

Loft, industrial desks – offer of solid desks for office and home

Are you a lover of loft, industrial interiors and dream of creating an atmospheric office? With our furniture made of wood and metal you will certainly succeed. Solid loft desks with metal and wooden elements will perfectly complement all modern interiors in minimalist design.

The raw materials in the rooms create the perfect atmosphere. Elegant interiors with the use of clearly dominant gray concrete walls, industrial surfaces can create a remarkable atmosphere. Many companies make excellent use of the multifunctionality of our furniture and the combined minimalist design in building their brand.

Individual elements can emphasize the style and character of a place where you just want to stay. Our loft, industrial desks are top quality products that perfectly arrange space in small offices or offices, as well as open space areas.

Why office desks are valued products in the eyes of customers?

Using the space in the right way not only provides a comfortable working environment, but also takes care of the reputation of the company in question. Our ergonomic desk, loft desk is the perfect desk for a company that is focused on building its brand in the eyes of customers, business partners and visitors.

The multifunctionality of loft, industrial desks made them bestsellers on the furniture market not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Classic desks – which desks for work and which for home?

Deerhorn’s offer is rich in a wide assortment that has been tailored to meet the needs of a variety of customers. For those who are passionate about minimalism and simple solutions, we have developed a classic model of wood and metal desk.

In this installment of the desk, we focused on its primary function – a place to work or study in a comfortable and convenient position. We made sure that the combination of wood and metal blends perfectly with each other, and at the same time is a practical solution for the office, office, home or apartment.

Large classic office desk in its basic version can be equipped with a pedestal , roomy drawers or other available accessories. If you want to develop your workspace in a simple and elegant way, our solid wood desk will work perfectly.

The classic form of the desk regardless of current trends will always remain on top. In addition, the comfort and ergonomics that can be felt while sitting at our desks make them functional furniture with amazing aesthetics for both office, study interiors and home.

Corner desks – what advantages do they have and when to choose them?

Corner desk large is all about making the most of space in the office or at home. Deerhorn corner desk is a combination of natural oak wood and sturdy metal construction, which is perfect for any modern space.

The wooden desk top and metal elements were made to take care of ergonomics and provide comfortable conditions for all white-collar workers who need adequate space to effectively perform their tasks.

Our corner work desk will work well as a desk for an office, a desk for a public institution, a desk for an office and a desk for remote work.

The stylish corner desk can be equipped with a roomy pedestal, which not only looks great, but also provides additional storage space for documents, folders, binders, notebooks or office accessories.

Corner desks are associated with a whole series of advantages, especially when they are made of top-quality materials just like furniture from Polish manufacturer Deerhorn. It is worth investing in this type of desk especially if you need enough space to work and your space is limited.

Customized desks, order

Customized corner desk
will perfectly fit into an empty space and provide a great place to work, study or develop your passions. Our corner desks help you organize your workspace, and thanks to the enclosed areas, i.e. drawers or shelves, they also allow you to take care of order and harmony.

Corner desks were created out of love for ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. The industrial, loft style of the furniture will work well in any modern office with character.

Is a desk with a pedestal practical?

Desks with pedestal
are practical solutions that will provide adequate space for work or study. Deciding on this type of desk, you are sure that you are choosing the most favorable option. Why? First of all, a desk with a pedestal is a space-saver, because you can place the pedestal under the desk and thus gain additional space to arrange.

Our pedestals are precisely made furniture that you can use in any way you want. Capacious drawers and open areas help you organize your workspace, as well as affect the ease of access to stored items.

A desk with a pedestal is very practical, because you can put your company documents in it at the office and at the same time know that they are safe. Strengthening the level of security, you can additionally order the option of installing a key lock, and thus you are sure that third parties will not open the closed areas, and your company documents are properly hidden.

The items or documents placed in the drawers make the desk tidy, which looks great when clients, guests or business partners visit. Neat, clean and properly furnished areas are a big part of success for creating elegant, stylish and practical spaces.

The pedestal desk also provides easy access to every part of the desk. You can cover your entire desk in no time at all, practically in one turn, which makes daily functioning much easier. Our pedestals in two base colors, namely white or black, are handy pieces that add a note of freshness and originality to interiors.

The pedestals, like the desk itself, look extremely elegant. Modern design and aesthetics of workmanship make our products look great. You can choose the standard dimensions of our desks with pedestal or order a piece of furniture with customized sizes.

Personalized order is no problem for us, because as manufacturers we have the ability to compose a piece of furniture with individual dimensions.

Desk for a student, teenager – what to follow when choosing?

As a manufacturer of office furniture, we also took care of the needs of the youngest. In our offer could not miss a desk for a student of any age. When choosing a desk for a child, you should also be guided by the available work surface and the possibility of proper organization of the study area.

A desk for a girl and a desk for a boy should provide ergonomic conditions to take care of the posture of their children’s spines from an early age.

A teenage school desk should be made of the highest quality raw materials that will benefit the concentration and memory of the youngest. A computer desk made of wood and metal will be an excellent choice for any teenager or child’s room. Wooden elements in the interior will make it warm and cozy, as well as full of connection and harmony with nature.

The corner desk can also be treated as a double desk for siblings, since such a large tabletop area is certainly enough for two people. Storing any child or teenager’s essential items can involve constant clutter and chaos.

Only a customized space can make the room orderly and harmonious. Electric adjustable desk Warsaw is also a great option for a child’s room. These are the kind of desks that grow with your child, and you can use the money once invested for many years.

Adjusting the height of the desk top is also an excellent option when more than one person uses the same desk. The easy and intuitive operation of the control panel allows you to change the height of the desk according to your needs in no time and with one click.

Our desks are made of the highest quality materials, so you don’t have to worry that too many people using the desk will make it lose its value. Our white desks and black desks offer amazing aesthetics and modern design that is sure to appeal to any teenager or child.

In our offer you will find desks inexpensive and at the same time of very high quality. A limited budget does not mean you have to give up on our products. With such a wide assortment, you are sure to find a product that is reasonably priced and at the same time meets your expectations and requirements.

The youth furniture set with desk from Deerhorn is a great investment for years to come, which will give you beautiful furnishings for your teenager or child’s room in an eco-friendly style.

What should be the height and dimensions of the desk for first graders

If you are wondering what should be the height of the desk for a child, depending on his height It is assumed that for first-graders is intended height of approx. 55 cm. When it comes to the dimensions of a child’s desk, it’s also a good idea to individually tailor it to each child.

It is generally accepted that a width of 60-75 cm and a depth of 50-55 cm should be sufficient. Of course, depending on your needs, a desk for a child can also be 120 cm. Our children’s desks can be made to order, so regardless of your child’s age and height, you can purchase a desk for the little ones from us.

Gaming desk – how to furnish a gamer’s room and what accessories to choose?

In our assortment we have modern desktop computer desks, which are great for gaming desks , gaming desks. Our
gaming desk 140
was created for avid gamers who are looking for a comfortable and convenient piece of furniture.

The choice of gaming desks is very large, and its final size and design depends on the individual needs of our customer. Computer desk for a gamer has a properly fitted wooden top, as well as solid metal elements.

Among the available gaming desks , you can choose a classic premium desk, a corner desk with a pedestal, as well as an adjustable desk. An electrically raised desk is a great option especially if more than one person uses the gaming desk.

In this situation, you can adjust the most favorable height of the tabletop with the touch of a button. The adjustment range of the modern gaming desk is 60-124 cm not including the top.

When completing a place designed for a gamer, it is worth thinking about the right lighting, space and layout of the desk and other furniture. An ergonomic gaming chair will also prove indispensable, which will be perfect for anyone who spends many hours in front of the computer.

When you have the choice of a desk behind you, then it is worth considering modern
desk accessories

Cable organization is key, and we offer a great solution in the form of a USB-C mediaport or
desk with grommets
. Such capabilities allow you to keep your desk clean and tidy. USB mediaport is a great tool used for charging mobile devices, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

If you are also interested in
customized desk pad
, then you will also find something for you in our assortment. Our desk mats perfectly protect your tabletop from scratches and make it easier to move the mouse. The designer desk mat is not only a practical item, but also impresses with its modern design. The world map pattern is a very elegant addition to any industrial, loft interior.

Height-adjustable desk – how to ensure health and comfort while working and studying?

Many hours spent sitting at a desk are very bad for health in the long run. Sitting, we are inactive, our muscles do not work, and for many hours in such a position it is difficult for us to maintain the correct alignment of the spine.

Investing in a modern designer electric adjustable desk from Deerhorn is an excellent decision that comes with a number of benefits. Our height adjustable desk allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop to your needs in no time.

The optimal height of the desk will keep your back from hurting, and you will become much more focused and concentrated on your activities. The Danish brand’s adjustable desk frame is a high quality piece that matches perfectly with our premium industrial desks.

The best lift desks from Deerhorn feature an anti-collision system to ensure safety when changing the height of the tabletop, as well as a height memory system.

If you are wondering at what height you had your desk set last time, you can glance at the control panel and with one click use the electric legs for the desk and thus return to the previous height. The size of the tabletop should be tailored to the individual needs of the customer, so in addition to standard sizes, we also make a wooden desk top to order.

We are glad to see that our adjustable desk is effective in changing the working position, thus improving daily functioning and providing a comfortable and ergonomic environment for working or studying.

How to take care of your health at work?

In one of the meetings we had the opportunity to talk and record some valuable tips together with Alexandra Zelazo – a fitness trainer, Pilates and certified yoga teacher, as well as the author of the books “Be fit” and “How to mobilize yourself to be active. A Practical Motivational Guide.” She is a Woman who, running her YouTub channel, shows how to take care not only of the body and a healthy diet, but also the mind and spiritual balance.

Ola Zelazo recommends our height-adjustable desk, and thus recorded a video with us in which she emphasizes the great importance of our piece of furniture in caring for the health of any person who spends many hours a day in a sitting position.

Our wonderful trainer stresses that combining sitting and standing at work is salutary for our bodies, as well as enhancing efficiency and creativity. Standing, the gluteal muscles, trunk muscles are engaged, and we can also stabilize the hips. When standing, you can move your hips and shift your weight from leg to leg.

It is also very important to take care of your eyesight. It’s a good idea to do the 20/20/20 method, which is to take a 20-minute break and look into the distance for 20 seconds at something that is 20 feet away from you, or about 6 meters. A desk for standing work should be of such height that the desk top is at elbow height.

However, if this height is uncomfortable for you, adjust it and lower the tabletop a little lower. You must also remember that regular breaks and physical activity even in the form of a few basic exercises will keep your spine in better shape.

On our website you will find ? an article dedicated to exercises? recommended by our great fitness trainer, and you will also learn a lot of interesting tips on the appropriate

Small desk vs. Large desk – which desk is right for me?

The decision on the size of the desk depends on several factors, including, before anything else, the space available for arrangement.

A desk for a small room should be smaller in size so that it does not take up too much space.

It is worth choosing a desk that is at the same time made of the highest quality materials, as well as being practical and helping to properly organize your workspace. In our offer you will find a small desk for a laptop and printer, a 120 cm desk, a 160 cm desk, as well as a corner desk or a desk with a pedestal.

Whichever desk you choose, you are assured that our oak desk in any design is a high-quality ergonomic desk with amazing functionality and comfort.

The dimensions of a desk for work are often also determined by the amount of equipment and objects that will need to be placed on this desk. However, standard desk dimensions are the most common option among our Recipients.

Small desks will fit perfectly into any designer space in an intimate home office, teenager’s room or children‘s room.

The large classic desk from Deerhorn is great as a desk for an open space, a desk for a large doctor’s office or lawyer’s office, or even for a bank. Elegant, modern style and attention to every detail is true craftsmanship, which simultaneously enhances goodwill and builds the company’s reputation in the market.

The elegant office desk is also an excellent choice as a home office desk. The large wood top will add a cozy atmosphere and perfect ambiance to your space. Connectivity and harmony with nature will also have a positive effect on your concentration and thus efficiency.

Blade desk, desk with desk cover is another option available in our store, which provides additional aesthetic value, and also affects the creation of a safe, free space around the desk.

The perfect desk for the office – how to choose the right size?

The dimension of the desk should be adapted to the figure and height of the furniture user. It is commonly believed that the optimal sizeis 65-70 cm deep, 75 cm high and 120 cm wide.

However, it is worth choosing a desk that takes into account both your figure and the space available. A black or white desk with a wooden top should also match the work you do and the tasks and duties involved.

A different size desk will be needed for an architect and another for a copywriter, so be sure to consider the necessary work space and equip yourself with a comfortable and ergonomic piece of furniture. Made of solid oak wood with a thickness of 3,8 cm, the desk top on the customized desk is a solid and stable desk element, which we can also customize according to your individual needs.

When placing an order for a white desk with draw ers or a black desk with drawers, also take into account the organization of your workspace and space for storing all the necessary items.

If you need more space to store folders, binders or place a printer on your desk, your desk will certainly need to be larger and equipped with a pedestal.

A corner desk will also work well in this role, and in addition to additional space to arrange, you will also gain a large, spacious top. No matter what size of desk you choose, we ship our furniture in its entirety, so that each of our customers does not have to waste time assembling the newly purchased furniture.

Availability and delivery is information that is detailed on our website, and you can also get it by contacting our company. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the furniture we manufacture.


Configure the desk to suit your needs. With a wide range of desk accessories you will make your work comfortable and efficient. Here you will find both accessories mounted to the countertop thanks to which you can organize cables, as well as other accessories that increase ergonomics and comfort.


On the product page, there is a tabletop configurator in which you can plan holes for cables, or the installation of add-ons such as cable organizers or strips with electrical outlets and USB/HDMI ports.

desk extension

Desk extension with wooden loft top


Loft desk extension.

Make working or studying at your desk more comfortable. The extension allows you to set the monitor at the right height for your eyesight. An additional space for office utensils under the monitor appears. The extension fits perfectly with lot, industrial and Scandinavian desks with wooden tops. Extension made of oak wood and furniture board in matte black color.
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Depth: 22 cm
  • Height: 13 cm
monitor stand

monitor stand

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horizontal cable duct under desk black open

Horizontal under-counter strip for cables and power supplies


Horizontal under-desk cable channel in black



length approx. 80 cm width approx. 16 cm height approx. 9 cm
  • Attached directly to the countertop
  • tiltable
  • execution: metal + plastic
  • two cable holes with a diameter of 6 cm
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desk cable duct

Vertical desk cable channel


Vertical cable channel for loft desk and height adjustable desk.

Cable hose is mounted under the desk to hide, organize cables. The use of a vertical duct under the desk will raise the utility and aesthetic value in your office, as the wiring will be routed in one place. The vertical cable duct for your desk is made of high-quality plastic, and thanks to detachable plastic parts you will adjust it to your individual height. MAIN FEATURES length approx. 125 cm
  • Adjustable length by detaching/attaching plastic parts
  • cross-section 4.5x3 cm
  • number of holes: 4
  • Attached directly to the tabletop and the ground
  • execution: plastic
  • black color.
Please specify the location of the channel in the product personalization. In the absence of the above information, the channel will be sent to its own installation.


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round cable grommet black

Round cable grommet in the countertop


Round aluminum cable grommet in the countertop. Diameter 60mm

You will receive a ready-made, twisted desk from us. Desk immediately ready to use. NOTE!!! 👉Note, you buy this cable grommet as a desk accessory 👉Theprice includes cutting a hole and mounting to the countertop


  • bore diameter: 60 mm
  • material: aluminum
  • color: matte black or white
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masking sheet for desk

Black masking blank for desk


Masking Blade for Desk.

Masking Blend Dimensions:
  • Length: 140 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm
The price is for a single, front blender.    
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pedestal desk cabinet

Black mobile container with drawers Loft Office


Black mobile desk pedestal with drawers - how does a desk cabinet help you organize your work and study?

Do you own a desk without drawers? Consider buying a container, which will greatly facilitate your work. It can fit dozens of office supplies, etc. Thanks to its universal dimensions, it fits any desk. Particularly noteworthy is the careful workmanship and the drawer slides with a silent self-closing mechanism. This gives exceptional pleasure of use.

High quality black desk pedestal

Our pedestal , desk cabinet is a high-quality piece of furniture that affects the perfect organization of work and study. Industrial desk with cabinet will ensure that in addition to a large area to carry out your duties, you will also have a place to store important documents and office supplies. Office cabinet with drawers is a functional, practical piece of furniture for any stylish office, study or room, thanks to which you will take care of order on the desk and around it. In addition, a computer desk with a pedestal will streamline your work and thus affect its efficiency and excellent results. Working in a comfortable and ergonomic environment in the office or at home is a dream for many people, so our corner desk with wooden top and pedestal will work perfectly in this situation. Wood in interiors gives a sense of connection and harmony with nature and has a beneficial effect on concentration and open-mindedness.

Black desk cabinet for work and study - comfort, ergonomics for work and study

The black cabinet with drawers from Deerhorn is a convenient and practical product that is both very comfortable to use and looks very aesthetically pleasing. Deerhorn's Loft Office Black Desk Ped estal is a durable and sturdy piece of furniture that will bring a touch of originality and timelessness to interiors thanks to its combination of natural oak wood and durable metal construction. Black desk and pedestal with drawers are our top products that will appeal to all lovers of minimalist solutions with character. The furniture was created with a beautiful appearance in mind, as well as comfort and ergonomics for users while working and studying. The capacious and practical cabinet with drawers for the office will also work well as a piece of furniture for a printer or other office equipment. In our offer you will find many modern and functional solutions, including. accessories, desk accessories in the form of the aforementioned A black mobile pedestal, as well as a horizontal under-desk strip for cables and power supplies, a vertical desk cable channel, a recessed desk extension cord with USB, a round cable grommet in the tabletop, and a desk extension or under-desk drawer. In our online store, we also have other office furniture that will go well with our industrial pedestal in black or look great as standalone pieces. We ship the pedestal with drawers as a whole, without screwing it together. You will save time and money.
  • height: 58.5 cm
  • width: 50cm
  • depth: 70cm
  • weight: 42.30kg
Materials: The body is made of particle board in matte black color. The handles are made of the same oak wood as the top of the "loft office" desk.

Office printer cabinet

Our pedestal is very often used as a mobile printer cabinet. 👉container under desk black - more photos👈.
black loft desk

black loft desk

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loft desk recessed extension cord

Recessed desk extender with USB-C


230v and USB-C desktop extender recessed into loft desk top.

The price includes assembly (when you buy the desk).

Specifications of the extender, USB-C port media:

  • dimension: 266x133mm
  • material: aluminum
  • color: matte black or white


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